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Things to Consider When Choosing a Center Table

Things to Consider When Choosing a Center Table

Sofa set, dining table, bed… There are some indispensable furniture in living spaces. According to most people, coffee tables are one of those necessary home furniture. If you are one of those who think that you need a coffee table at home and you are trying to choose among the living room coffee table models, you are in the right place! Because now, we are starting to share with you the items that should be considered when choosing a coffee table!

We can list the criteria you need to examine when choosing a coffee table as follows:

Width and depth
The material used in the manufacture of the coffee table
Purpose of usage
Then let us go into the details of these items and help you find the most suitable coffee table for you.

Center Table Height

Center tables are usually positioned in the middle of the sofa set. For this reason, the ideal coffee table height can be determined according to the seats you have. In other words, when choosing among coffee tables, you should choose by considering your seats.

For the most comfortable use, you can choose products that are almost the same height as the cushion part of your seat. A low or high coffee table from your seat may force you to reach for something from the coffee table. But if you want to buy a decorative coffee table and the subject of use is not important to you, there is absolutely no harm in deciding by keeping your style in the foreground.

Center Table Width and Depth

Although large coffee table models are a priority for many of us, it may not always be possible to have furniture of the desired size. One of the most important reasons for this is, of course, not having enough space.

When choosing the width and depth, which are the criteria you should pay attention to when buying a coffee table, you should decide in line with your existing space as well as your armchairs. You can evaluate options that will not create too much congestion in the area and will not exceed the size of your seats when positioned in the area.

If you have enough space in the living room, it can be nice for decoration to choose coffee tables that are bigger than your needs. Thus, you can decorate the coffee table and contribute to the elegance of the space.

The Material of the Center Table

Marble, metal, glass, wood… It is possible to encounter options produced from different materials in coffee tables. In addition, you can come across modern coffee table models that combine different materials such as wood and metal or wood and glass. Well, what kind of an effect does which material have on your living space, have you ever thought about it?

Wooden Coffee Table: Wooden coffee tables give a natural reflection and a rustic look to the space they are in. Oak and walnut coffee table models are durable varieties because they are made of natural wood. You can also choose materials such as MDF in wooden coffee table models, which are the first choice of those looking for a rustic coffee table. In addition, if your room is small, it may be useful to consider light color options such as a white coffee table.

Glass Coffee Table: While choosing among the glass coffee table models, which are very successful in making the space wider because they do not create a perception of division, you can pay attention to the very minimalist design of the coffee table leg. In addition to metal leg center table options, you can also encounter wooden leg center glass coffee table alternatives.

Marble Coffee Table: Marble coffee table models, which have a very stylish appearance and a long service life, also come to the fore with their easy cleaning. Being heavy of marble coffee tables is considered as one of their disadvantages. However, if you wish, you can eliminate this disadvantage and benefit from the elegance of marble by choosing marble-patterned coffee table models instead of marble.

Metal Coffee Table: Metal coffee table models, which are frequently preferred especially in living spaces decorated in accordance with industrial style, can fill the space with a cool ambiance. However, metal is generally used more frequently in the foot part and the frame of the coffee table in the middle tables. Recently, gold coffee table and gold leg coffee table models are very popular.

Pouf Center Table: The preference of those who want to create a comfortable reflection in home decoration has been in favor of puff coffee table models recently. In this use, where the poufs are positioned as a coffee table, a comfortable and stylish image can be achieved. However, we must state that this coffee table type is a bit more challenging in terms of use.

Center Table Design

Round coffee table models can help you use the space more efficiently and show it wider. In addition, the trend of curved furniture in recent times is a reason for you to choose round designs.

Furniture with sharp lines, such as rectangular, square coffee table models, can be ideal for large living rooms and those who need a large area of use.

The Purpose of Use of the Center Table

The purposes for which you want to use the coffee table are also among the items that you should consider during the purchase decision. For example, the opening coffee table models, known as "smart coffee tables", can allow you to use your furniture as a work desk. In addition, coffee tables with cubs can also meet your nesting coffee needs thanks to the tiny coffee tables positioned at the bottom of the coffee table. The pouf coffee table models with the same design can meet the need for additional seating.

Finally, it may be useful to pay attention to ease of use as well as the purpose of use. For example, if you are looking for a portable alternative suitable for use in different areas, you can choose wheeled center stands. If you need additional storage space, you can choose coffee tables with drawers.


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