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The Benefits of Good Sleep and How You Can Sleep Better?

The Benefits of Good Sleep and How You Can Sleep Better?

Sleeping is necessary action to regenerate ourselves and take on some of our body's needs. According to experts, when an adult sleeps 7 to 9 hours a day, his mind and body can completely rest. But at this point, it is useful to remind that the quality of sleep is also important and determinant. So, quality sleep is essential for you to advantage of these benefits! So now, "Why is it important to sleep quality?" Let's answer the question. Next, let's share suggestions and points you need to pay attention to have a good sleep.

# Good Sleep is Important for Lower Heart Disease and Stroke Risk

It is true that cardiovascular diseases and health problems such as paralysis that these diseases can cause are linked to diet and sports. But the reasons are not limited to these! Studies show that adult individuals who sleep less than 7 hours a day have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. So the importance of sleep is bigger than we think!

# The Remedy to Strengthen the Immune System: Sleep

Do you pay attention to your diet, but still get sick often in the fall and winter? The reason may be the quality of your sleep. Because research shows that sleeping less than 7 hours negatively affects the immune system, while those who sleep 8 hours or more have stronger immune systems.

# Quality Sleep Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Not sleeping regularly does not only increase the risk of developing diseases related to the immune system. Studies on sleep time show that those who sleep less than adequate sleep time also have an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Sleeping for less than 6 hours can directly affect blood sugar and negatively affect your health.

# Unhealthy Sleep Is Linked to Weight Gain

Not being able to sleep efficiently can cause hormonal changes. These changes can cause weight gain. At the same time, it becomes possible to gain weight because the energy level is low when it is not well-sleep and the rate of doing sports decreases.

#Good Sleep Increases Concentration

It is a well-known and frequently said fact that sleep helps our brain rest. So, what effect does this rest have? Those who pay attention to their sleep are more successful in matters such as focusing on a problem and solving a problem. In addition, people who do not sleep enough can have reflections similar to alcohol poisoning in their brains.

# There's a Serious Link Between Sleep and Depression

We can guess that when you cannot get your sleep, your day is not very productive and happy, and you want to go home and sleep as soon as possible. But the link between sleep and happiness is actually much more serious than this. Sleep problems such as sleep apnea and insomnia can increase the rate of depression. However, let's not forget that reducing the stress level is among the benefits of adequate and regular sleep.

# Benefits of Regular Sleep for a Younger-Looking Skin

Collagen produced by our body during sleep can contribute to the appearance of skin problems such as wrinkles later. In case of insufficient sleep time, negative effects such as swelling in the eyes and face, color changes around the eyes, and even pale skin can occur.

Top Suggestions for Quality Sleep

We talked about the benefits of sleep, but in order to see these positive effects, quality sleep is a must. So, what points should you pay attention to for quality sleep?

# Bed Selection is One of The Keys to Quality Sleep

Very hard beds can cause you to wake up in the morning with pain. Too soft beds are not recommended because they take the shape of your spine. Although medium-hard beds are ideal bed types, you need to consider many more criteria when choosing a bed.

Let's face it, we mostly look at softness in pillow selection and pattern. Many people may not even have a criterion when choosing a quilt. But all these products actually affect your sleep quality directly. For example, pillow selection; can be affected by factors such as the hardness of your mattress and your sleeping position. Your wishes and needs are decisive in the choice of duvet cover. For example, if you want a duvet cover that does not crease easily, the fabric you choose is important at this point.

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Sleeping and waking up at the same time is very important for your body to know its biological clock. You can drink herbal teas to fall asleep easily. Meditation or exercising a maximum of 2 hours before sleep can also help your body relax. You can have a pleasant sleep in the ideal temperature of 22 ° C or 23 ° C, accompanied by sleep music!

Make your bedroom decoration sleep-friendly. The way you position the furniture in your bedroom, the rate of light your room receives at night, the color of your room… All of them, even more, can affect the efficiency of sleep.

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