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Colors Compatible with Green in Home Decoration

Colors Compatible with Green in Home Decoration

You have decided that the dominant color in home decoration should be green. The main color choice was of course important, but it was also the easiest step. The main time-consuming thing is to create a color palette that is compatible with green and decorate your house in a way that resembles a photo frame.

But don't worry, we have prepared a guide for you to choose colors that will complement green. First, let's look for the answer to the question "Which colors are compatible with light and dark green?" Then choose one of the color palette suggestions that go with green and create your own style. Here are the green color home decoration suggestions with their combinations:

Dark green

On the one hand, it has a classic look, on the other hand, it is one of the strongest and lively tones of nature. Thanks to these features, it adapts to many home decoration styles. Let's give you some ideas so you can choose from dark green home decoration styles.

If you are in favor of classical decoration, you can easily use dark green as a tone to reflect your style. For example, you can paint dark green walls as a background for anthracite velvet armchairs or complete the elegance with a dark green glass chandelier.

You can choose the harmony of dark green and wood to wrap your home in the colors of nature. Let's not pass without mentioning the forest air that dark green leafy big hall plants add to the house. You can invite nature into your room thanks to a flower pot in neutral colors, a wooden sofa set and a dark green coffee table.



Pink green home decoration carries naturalness as well as harmony. Because these colors coexist in nature. To give this feeling, you can place items in the form of plants in your home. For example, you can hang a green floor lamp next to a pink plant-patterned curtain or a still life painting in pink tones behind the green armchair.


For real change, you can make a bold choice and combine sax blue and dark green, that is, two striking tones. Thanks to the balanced color distribution, your room can have the appearance of a painting. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to use 60% of the main color, namely dark green or sax blue, 30% of the secondary color and 10% of the accent color. Thus, you can create a transition between two strong colors by using an accent color such as cream or ice blue.


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