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Coffee Table Types

Coffee Table Types

Let's take a closer look at the coffee tables that offer comfort in living spaces, make home life more practical and of course contribute to home decoration! It is possible to achieve your dream space by recognizing the coffee table models suitable for your needs and the decoration style you apply in the living area with their names and features. Now, let's examine the most popular coffee table designs by evaluating their intended use.

Parsons Coffee Table

We wouldn't be wrong to say that Parsons coffee table is the most simple coffee table we encounter in living rooms. These coffee tables, which have four legs and whose legs are directly connected to the surface, can be square, rectangular, oval or round. Parsons coffee table models that offer the combination of natural wood and metal are very popular. The fact that this coffee table type, which can be produced as a center table or a side table, adapts to every decoration style in line with its design, is proof that it is a good choice.

Bridge Coffee Table

Thanks to the plates mounted on the right and left sides of the coffee table, the standing coffee tables are called “bridge coffee tables” for this reason. Although we often come across with wooden designs, these coffee tables can also be produced from transparent plastic. Bridge coffee tables, which can be produced as middle or side tables, can be compatible with any decoration style. If you need additional storage space, you can choose the options of this coffee table type with areas such as drawers and lower shelves.

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Stretto Coffee Table

The most distinctive feature of the stretto coffee tables, which are very similar to bridge tables, is the combination of their front and rear legs on the floor. In some models, these coffee tables, with all their feet on the floor, can be produced from different materials such as wood and metal and adapt to any decoration style. Stretto coffee tables, which you may encounter as middle, or side coffee tables, also have alternatives with drawers and shelves.

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Tulip Coffee Table

The tulip coffee tables, which offer a minimal design with the surface resting on a single leg with a round base, are quite compatible with the modern style. It is possible to encounter tulip coffee tables that can be produced as side tables, with options made of materials such as marble, wood, plastic, and even glass.

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Multipurpose Coffee Table

The coffee tables that can be produced in different models such as ponte, parsons, stretto and serve different purposes are given this name. For example, a multipurpose coffee table can also be used as a computer desk or storage space thanks to its additional features. Multipurpose coffee tables, which are generally preferred as middle tables, can be found in options compatible with every style as they can offer different models and color alternatives.

Bemileke Coffee Table

Bemileke coffee tables, which originate from Africa and are produced in accordance with the original, have a wooden body and have a round line. In modern design, it is possible to see the body with different materials such as wrought iron. When the body of the Bemileke coffee tables, which are designed as side or middle tables, are designed as half, zigzag coffee tables can be obtained in the “C coffee table” model. Let's not forget that this model can be compatible with any decoration style depending on the design, color and material used.

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Platner Coffee Table

The surface of the platner coffee table, which draws attention with its body where very thin metal rods are arranged side by side and form a circular frame, is mostly glass or wood. But let's not forget that platner coffee tables on which fur-looking fabrics are placed are also very popular. These coffee tables, which can be produced as a middle or side table, are ideal for modern homes and houses where metal details are used and classic style comes to life.

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