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A Nostalgic Atmosphere: Retro Decoration Trend

A Nostalgic Atmosphere: Retro Decoration Trend

If you like the designs of that furniture that you see in your elders' home, and even if you want to include the traces of the past in your home in a suitable way for today, the remedy is to apply retro style decoration at home! Well, what can you do to apply the retro trend in decoration properly? Here, in this article, we will list retro decoration suggestions and provide you with more detailed information about retro room decoration.

What is Retro Decoration?

The deliberate use of old designs and textures from the 1950s to the 1980s in home decoration is called retro home design. Retro decoration can be done with new furniture that revives old designs or can be done with antique furniture.

Now, let's list the suggestions you need to make a retro-style home decoration.

Let Vivid Colors Animate Your Home

The colors you choose are very important when implementing retro decoration ideas. You can of course choose colors that emphasize the past, such as brown, gray, black and white, in this decoration style, which is born from longing for the past and presents the reflections of the past.

In addition to these colors, striking colors such as green, orange, red, purple, blue, mustard yellow are other colors that you can use while bringing this decoration style to life. In the meantime, you can of course include details that offer nostalgic effects such as gold in your home decoration in cases where they adapt to your color palette.

Every detail is important in home decoration, but considering the dimensions, the furniture you choose will be the first items that attract attention. While realizing the retro style, you should scrutinize the selection of sofa sets and furniture.

You should make sure that the furniture you buy reflects the spirit of the past. In the meantime, you can buy new furniture, as well as buy and paint old furniture from your family's house or second-hand shops and get your brand new furniture with your hand labor.

Furniture with wood or wood details is one of your biggest helpers in retro home decorations!

Camelback, fabric, or leather chesterfield, lawson, and Bridgewater sofa models are very suitable for home decoration in retro style.

In the selection of retro furniture such as console, you can choose products with reliefs or worn-out designs.

You can also choose wooden furniture in bedrooms. As an alternative to wood, you can consider nostalgic designed bedsteads with iron headboards.

When choosing a dining table, you can choose furniture with embossed legs that will allow you to apply the vintage style right.

We mentioned that colors and motifs are very important. If your sofa sets are of one color, you can make the area more active by getting help from the motif pillows.

It is necessary to add movement to the wall decoration! You can paint the walls in vibrant colors or use wallpapers with motifs. Especially floral-patterned wallpapers are among the vintage decoration suggestions.

The trend of recent years, patchwork carpets are suitable for retro decoration. If you wish, you can also evaluate fur-looking carpets.

If you think the room needs more mobility, you can also choose patterned alternatives for curtains.

The application of hanging colored plates on the wall, which is among the wall decoration trends, is a very suitable choice to reflect the spirit of retro design.

Lighting products will also assist you in applying this style.

Especially the worn-looking appliques are very compatible with the decoration.

In addition to accessories in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, the ceramics you choose can also help you reflect the retro spirit.

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