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7 Tips to Sleep Better at Night

7 Tips to Sleep Better at Night

Sleep is very important for a healthy life. We spend a large part of our lives sleeping so it is very important for us to make our sleep better. So how can we make our sleep better?

Even though you spend most of your day asleep, do you often wake up without getting sleepy? This incident, which happens to many people constantly, affects all actions taken during the day.

1- Find the right bed

Choosing the right bed is essential for a quality sleep. It is a good choice to buy a personalized bed. Since each part of the body exerts different pressure on the bed, you should use a special bed according to your body type and weight. 

2- Ideal sleep time 

The time interval required for a quality sleep varies by age group. While babies need 12 to 17 hours of sleep a day, 7-8 hours a day is sufficient for adults.

3- Use of electronic devices

We should get our phones and computers out of the room at bedtime. Because electronics damage our bodies with the radiation they emit. 

4- Dark environment

In order to get 100% efficiency from sleep, the environment should be as dark as possible. Because artificial lights disrupt the balance, the brain perceives time as daytime. That's why you should take care that there is no light in the environment where you sleep.

5- Room temperature

One of the essentials of a healthy sleep is the appropriate ambient temperature.For an ideal temperature that won't force your breathing for sleep, sweat your body or get a cold. 

6- Caffeine consumption

Caffeine-containing products should not be consumed before sleep. Because caffeine speeds up activity in the brain, making it difficult to fall asleep. If you reduce your caffeine consumption in the evening, you can get a healthy sleep.

7- Room decoration

A healthy sleep is not limited to a comfortable bed. It is also very important that you feel good in your room. A nice room increases our motivation for what we will live in the room. Our suggestion for you is to take a look at Atmacha's bedroom collection!

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Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Photo by Quin Stevenson on Unsplash

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