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5 Bedroom Decoration Suggestions For A Better Sleep

5 Bedroom Decoration Suggestions For A Better Sleep

If you are calculating how many hours of sleep you will sleep at night or if you get up in the morning so tired that a superpower is needed to separate you from the bed, it is time to take action for a better quality sleep!

Yes, it is possible to have a more energetic and quality day thanks to quality sleep. "I've tried everything, nothing is the solution to this." or "I don't know where to start." If you say, let's give an effective tip right away: It may sound interesting, but there is a tight connection between quality sleep and bedroom decoration! So, a suitable bedroom decoration definitely takes the lead among the things to do to sleep well. Now, let's take a look at how to decorate the bedroom to sleep better.

1. Find the Best Position for Your Bed

If you want to sleep better and have decided to get help from decoration, you should first check if the area where your bed is located is correct. The ideal position to sleep better is that the bed is as far away from the windows and the door as possible. It is also not a good practice to lean the sides of your bed against the wall. The best way to position your bed is with only the headboard against the wall, while other areas of the bed are exposed.

2. You May Love Light, But You Should Stay Away At Night

In order for you to wake up more vigorous in the morning, you need the hormone called melatonin in your night sleep. Melatonin needs a darker environment. In other words, when you sleep in an environment with high light levels, melatonin is not provided enough. For this reason, you may have difficulty waking up in the morning and feel tired. In other words, it is among the decoration suggestions for healthy sleep that the area you sleep in gets as little light as possible. You can reduce the light level by avoiding bright light sources in your bedroom and choosing your curtains from dark-colored thick fabrics

3. Electronic Devices

You may love to sleep watching TV or watching movies on your phone and computer. Perhaps sleeping while listening to music is a must for you. However, these electronic products are a barrier to sufficient melatonin. So it's time to say goodbye to electronics in your bedroom!

4.Your Bedroom Should Be Decorated with Appropriate Colors

It is a fact that colors have psychological effects. For this reason, you should be careful that the colors you use in bedroom decoration are options that will give you peace of mind and facilitate your transition to sleep. For example, you can choose light blue or light green as the wall color. In addition, you can choose your duvet cover sets from these peaceful colors.

Smells such as lavender and vanilla that will give your room a pleasant scent are among the suggestions for good sleep. By the way, if these smells are too intense, it will make you closer to good sleep, but it may also make you sleepy; Let's remind you that too.

5. Tidy Rooms Equals Good Sleep

"How to decorate the bedroom?" If we had to give a very short answer to the question "It should be tidy." we would say Because this is the bedroom, where you sleep, gather energy, and wake up refreshed to the new day. But an intricately decorated or messy bedroom can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Long story short, bedroom decoration should be tidy for a good sleep!

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