Woodie Coffee Table | Set of 3


Woodie coffee table that will make a difference in your living room with its magnificent design.

Product Details

Assembly: The product is sent in a special safe box with the installed form.

Leg material: Metal profile

You can choose gold, black, silver, silver ageing, copper ageing or Static Oven Paint in any colour you want.

Also, we can produce metal legs with gold and chrome plated colour.

Material: Laminate


Caring instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth.

Please give us a call on 020 8348 8861 or send a dm from Instagram for any of the special options above after purchase.

Coffee Table Set of 3


  Product Size Box Size
Dimensions / cm Width Depth Height Width Depth Height
Woodie Coffee Table - Small 50 50 36

Woodie Coffee Table - Medium 66 66 36 45 15 30
Woodie Coffee Table - Large 100 100 40 105 105 12

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