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What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Baby Room?

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Baby Room?

You did a lot of preparation while expecting your baby, didn't you? Baby shopping, birth plans… All of them are the exciting aspects of being a parent. This preparation process is as important as it is enjoyable. Because many of your choices affect the health and comfort of your baby and the lifestyle of you parents. One of them is the choice of baby room.

Because many criteria, from room layout to furniture type, needs and colors, are effective on your baby. Let's learn together what should be considered when choosing a baby room, let your baby be comfortable and full of peace.

Choose a Healthy Baby Room Set

Your little baby's immune system, the defense mechanism of his body, will develop over time. Therefore, it is very important to protect her delicate body against external factors. Healthy options for clothing, such as baby clothes made from organic cotton, are quite common. We recommend that you consider the organic criterion when purchasing a baby room set. If you say what is an organic baby room set, let's tell you right away:

- Some materials such as chipboard, plywood and MDF may contain a carcinogenic substance called formaldehyde. This substance can be released into the environment over time and may adversely affect health. You can eliminate this risk by choosing solid wooden baby furniture.
- Another toxic substance that can affect baby health is VOC, volatile organic compounds. As the name suggests, these chemicals mix with the air with their volatile properties. It is usually found in furniture paint or glue. You can buy raw wooden baby furniture or learn the paint and adhesive properties of the furniture you will buy.
- Flame retardant materials can be used in some materials such as pillow filling and seat filling. These substances can also release harmful chemicals into the environment over time. For this reason, it is beneficial to buy furniture with organic cotton filling.

Decide on Necessary Furniture

Maybe you've been wondering 'Is a baby room necessary?' because he'll be sleeping in the same room as you for a while. Let's answer right away: Yes, you should prepare a baby room for both your baby's development and your comfort. Because your baby will have almost a lot more clothes and care items than an adult. Especially if it is a winter baby, you will also buy thick items such as astronauts and cardigans.

This density of items can both cause confusion in your bedroom and make it difficult to meet your baby's ever-changing needs. In addition, having a room where your baby will spend time during the day helps him to leave your side more harmoniously. But of course, all this does not mean that you have to prepare a big baby room like a teenager's room. Indispensable furniture for baby rooms are:

Baby Wardrobe

There are two options for your baby's room: Wardrobe and dresser. In your baby's first months, only a dresser with multiple drawers may be enough. You can also use it as a changing unit by placing a non-slip pad on the top of the dresser.

However, if there is enough space in the room, we recommend that you buy a baby wardrobe. Because your baby's bedding, toys and clothes suitable for different seasons may start to take up space over time. You can also consider this option to avoid shopping rush again.


Many models such as mother-side crib, park bed are waiting for you when shopping for baby cots. When choosing between them, you can consider ease of use, durability, space size and your budget. Based on these criteria, one of the following may be suitable for you:

Mother's Side Cradle: This bassinet makes it easier for you to meet your baby's needs at night. However, it can usually be used until your baby is six months old. If you have made room in your budget for both a cot and a cot for your baby, this option is for you.

Freestanding Cradle: This type of traditional railing furniture can be used for a long time. Even if you buy a growing baby cot, you can have furniture suitable for baby and child use. There is a dresser section on the growing furniture. When this section is removed, the cradle turns into a children's bed.

Park Bed: If you want to move your baby's bed to another room during the day and want the bed to be a playground at the same time, the park bed is the right choice.

Twin Baby Cribs: You can buy a crib for your twin baby separately, or you can choose space-saving twin baby cribs.

Rocking Chair

Baby room sets are no longer just cradles and wardrobes as before. Considering the comfort of the mother, a rocking chair was added to these sets. The rocking chair is a comfortable item that can be used especially while breastfeeding the baby. However, it is not indispensable.

If there is not enough space in your baby's room or your budget is limited, you can use one of the armchairs in your living room with the support of a nursing pillow instead of the rocking mother chair.


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