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What is Turkish Coffee?

What is Turkish Coffee?

Have you ever been in Turkey? Well, if you have, you must have heard about Turkish Coffee. Turkish Coffee is a traditional coffee in Turkey. Turkish Coffee originated in Middle Eastern and European. Turkish coffee has a history. Represents history. This coffee has been drinking since ancient times. Whenever tourists come, they try Turkish coffee. It also has a cultural meaning. 
Basically, it is a coffee but made by brewing extra fine ground coffee beans in boiling water. Turkish coffee is brewed in a pot called a “cezve”. It is poured into a small coffee cup and no filter is used. Also, in the coffee cup has an amount of grounds powder left. Optionally you can add some sugar. 
Serving Turkish coffee with foam indicates that you cooked well. Foams improve the taste of the coffee. Coffee is served with dessert. Usually served with Turkish Delight! 

Turkish coffee cup and saucer with water and dessert

You can drink to wake up in the morning. But most local people drink this coffee to accompany their friends, after dinner or for pleasure. Turkish coffee brews are longer. It has high caffeine. But still espresso stronger than Turkish Coffee. 
Turkish coffee is also good for your health and your skin. Most people apply Turkish coffee as a mask. Turkish coffee can help you lose weight because it is capable of boosting your metabolism. 

3 turkish coffee with pattern cups

And the most popular and interesting topic about Turkish coffee is fortune-telling.  
After drinking your coffee, you make a wish. Turn it over and wait for it cool. Then Fortune-Teller looks at the coffee cup and saucer and tells her what she saw. This could be about your past, your future, and your present. 
And this makes Turkish coffee traditional and cultural. 
Here is a list that To experience this pleasure, we recommend a few Turkish coffee cups!

1. Sufi Tulip Turkish Coffee Cup and Saucer Set

grey pattern coffee cup and saucer

2. Sufi Amazon Blue Turkish Coffee Cup and Saucer Set

blue flower pattern coffee cup and saucer

3. Sufi Gold Turkish Coffee Cup and Saucer Set

white plain coffee cup and saucer

4. Sufi White Marble Coffee Cup and Saucer Set

white marble pattern coffee cups and saucer
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