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FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY on all brand-new products over £500!
What is the avant-garde? Avant-garde Furniture

What is the avant-garde? Avant-garde Furniture

The word avant-garde was first used in French to mean "vanguard union", which is a military term. Later, the word avant-garde, which has become frequently heard in the fields of art, music, literature and culture, began to be used to express innovative and pioneering words. The word avant-garde is also used to describe the artists who are pioneers of changes in the cultural and political field, and who do not know any rules.

In addition to all these, the word avant-garde, which we often hear about both fashion and decoration-related issues, today meets its different, groundbreaking and innovative meanings just like in art. It can be expressed as changing the existing, transforming it into a different and stylish one and modernizing it with many small touches.

We answered the question of what an avant-garde means. So, let's make a brief briefing on what the avant-garde furniture concept is before touching on the features of avant-garde furniture that constitute the main lines of our content.

The question of what is avant-garde furniture, bearing modern lines; It can be explained as a variety of furniture with a simpler style, light colors and minimal details compared to conventional furniture. The fact that it has less detail compared to classical furniture and its modern appearance stands out as one of the most important reasons for the preference of avant-garde furniture in home decoration. 

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