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What is Maximalist? Maximalist Home Decoration Suggestions

What is Maximalist? Maximalist Home Decoration Suggestions

A bold style that emerges in the light of strong textures, strong patterns and strong colors… These are undoubtedly the keywords that best express the concept of maximalist. The maximalist movement, which we can describe as the opposite of the minimalism movement with simplicity at its center, stands out as the first choice of those who push the limits while decorating their homes.

Maximalism is a trend that increases its popularity day by day and spreads almost all over the world. In this sense, it is possible to answer the question of what maximalism means as an art movement that opposes minimalism and argues that when differences come together, they create an aesthetic unity.

It would not be wrong to say that the maximalism movement, whose effects were only seen in the fields of music, visual arts and literature in the past, also shapes the decoration and fashion world today.

No matter what field it is used in, the motto of maximalism can be expressed as "many is many", which is the exact opposite of minimalism.

While maximalism in interior architecture includes a multifaceted integrity, of course, it is fed from different elements. It is possible to summarize them as follows;

  • Powerful and rich color gamut
  • Patterns that complement each other
  • Artworks
  • Multiple decoration styles
  • Complementary textures

As a result, as you can see, maximalism in decoration is an art created by the careful selection and placement of pieces that create harmony, rather than an empty mess and crowd.

Maximalist Home Decoration in 5 Items

Creating houses with maximalism at the focal point may not be as easy as it is sometimes thought. The most important reason for this is not having enough information about which pieces will harmonize with each other and what will be included in the maximalist decoration.

Prefer Magnificent Furniture

Furniture, one of the most important parts of home decoration, shows itself in maximalist decoration with classic models with sharp lines. In this sense, classical armchairs in assertive colors, dining tables and consoles with a magnificent appearance in addition to their functional features are among the furniture options that will suit the maximalist decoration.

Leather sofas are among the furniture types that best suit the maximalist style. For leather sofas, you can choose patterned, velvet or fur pillows and sofa blankets to complement each other.

Include Contrasting Colors

As in other decoration trends, colors play a big role in maximalist decoration. Moreover, the fact that the colors you choose do not have to be in close tones or in harmony with each other is the most important feature that distinguishes maximalist decoration from styles such as retro, minimal, vintage.

Therefore, when decorating your home, you can choose and apply the colors you want for your furniture, walls, carpets and even accessories. All you have to do is decide what you want and trust your creativity!

Decorate the Walls

Another style suggestion that makes the maximal decoration applicable, which can be described as the richness of differences, is to consider the walls as an art space. You can create a perfect look by reflecting the power of maximalism on your walls.

Believe in the Power of Patterns

Different patterns are among the basic elements that increase the power of maximalist decoration. In this direction, you can include different patterns on your walls, furniture, pillows, carpets or smaller accessories. It is important to frequently show wild maximalist patterns such as leopard, zebra, tiger, softer floral patterns or geometric patterns popular in the 90s when decorating your home. you must give.

Pay Attention to Accessories

The use of accessories is one of the highlights of maximalist decoration, as in other decoration trends.

In this direction, while decorating your home, you can remove the borders and choose the pieces that are completely suitable for your own tastes and tastes. Sculptures with striking forms, flamboyant candlesticks, magnificent vases and many more... 

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