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What is Eclectic? Eclectic Decoration Suggestions

What is Eclectic? Eclectic Decoration Suggestions

What is Eclectic? Eclectic Decoration Suggestions


The eclectic style stands out as one of the savior decoration styles for those who want to move freely without being bound by the rules while decorating their home. With this decoration style, you can create a style that you want to see in your home, but that you hesitate to apply, that reflects your own in every detail!


In interior architecture and decoration, the process where everything is in harmony with each other is left behind. On the contrary, contrasts create original and perfect associations; A free era has begun.


If you are one of those who like to see different styles together, you need to meet the eclectic style as soon as possible!


What is Eclectic? 

Eclectic, which has found its place in many fields, especially in the world of art, architecture and fashion, is one of the concepts that is frequently encountered in decoration today and continues to be popular.

In fact, it is possible to say that eclecticism is a part of eclecticism, one of the rising trends of the 19th century.

So, first, let's look at the way in which the concept of eclectic, derived from the Greek word "eclecticos", is characterized in decoration.

Eclectic can be explained as a decoration trend where more than one style is blended and harmonized with each other, rather than areas dominated by a single style

In other words, this impeccable style that we have mentioned can be influenced by trends, colors and cultures that are popular in different time periods.

In this sense, it can be inferred that eclectic is actually the embrace of differences. If you want to apply a rich style while decorating your home instead of sticking to a single style, you need to make the eclectic approach your focal point.

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