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What is Black Friday? When? How is it Evaluated?

What is Black Friday? When? How is it Evaluated?

What is Black Friday?

The full meaning of black friday: In the USA, the first Friday after Thanksgiving is considered black friday. Black friday day is much older than you think. Since 1932, Christmas has been recognized as the start of the shopping season.

One of the preparations for Christmas is black friday. On Black Friday, markets, shopping malls, stores work much longer than usual; Opens early and closes late. Because many people buy gifts and make preparations for themselves, their home, their family and their loved ones.

In the light of these preparations, discounts are started in brands, stores, markets and all places where shopping can be done in order to revive sales. These discounts are really big discounts unlike normal. One of the main reasons why shopping can be done so intensely is that the discounts are unexpectedly attractive. Also, black friday is not a public holiday.

So, why is the definition of 'black' used instead of any friday?

Christmas shopping, which started in 1932, continued in the same way until 1961. The USA was the first to start the trend, followed by the UK and Canada. The year 1961 has a key role in this trend. When campaigns were added in addition to this year's discounts, customers created a crowd and traffic was almost blocked during the shopping day.

Although the stores opened very early, even at the first light of the day, and continued to work until late at night, this confluence could not be prevented. As you can imagine, this day started to be called Black Friday after 1961 as a result of negative factors such as queues in front of the store, scattered clothes, clutter in the market aisles, turmoil among people.

When is Black Friday?

When is the legendary black Friday, which is now eagerly awaited all over the world, regardless of pure culture, shocking with its discounts, and where brand giants organize serious campaigns?

Black Friday will begin on November 26 in 2021. So, the legend can record Friday, November 26, 2021, as the date of Friday; You can edit your budget according to this date. Because, on this date, you can buy certain needs that you want to buy all year but cannot afford, or gifts that you like in order to make yourself and your loved ones happy, and you can have a pleasant and profitable day!

How Is Black Friday Evaluated?

As in the whole world, black friday culture has been spreading rapidly in our country recently. The world's leading, well-known brand giants apply incredible discounts on retail sales on black friday. While browsing the internet or in stores, you may experience a short-term shock when you see discounts of up to 80%. Then the brain gives a command, takes action immediately, don't miss these opportunities!

It's hard to remain indifferent to the tempting drop in sticker prices on Black Friday 2021. The economy is in a turbulent period with the effect of the pandemic process we are in. As a result, the purchasing power has also dropped considerably. Many people have almost stopped their arbitrary shopping, they can hardly even meet their real needs. In such a period, it seems like a logical idea not to miss the discounts that look like medicine and to have the opportunity to buy any product you have been planning to buy for a long time, what do you think?

So, how can you shop on black friday? How can you make the best use of this day?

First of all, you need to take quick steps in black friday discounts. If you are going to shop through the online store, we recommend that you start following the models you want already; because it can run out quickly.

If you have the opportunity, you should be at the relevant store or shopping center early. Do not forget that we are currently in the process of covid19 pandemic, which affects the whole world. While being in crowded environments is risky enough, please try to choose the calmest shopping hours.

Our recommendation, of course, is to shop online. Since there will be a big shopping spree all over the world on Black Friday, the safest thing for you will be to stay at home and shop on the brands' internet sales sites.

You can determine the products you expect to buy, have in mind and need, and save the links on your phone. Thus, when the black friday comes, you can quickly reach the products you plan to buy and buy them before they run out; because such heavy users can cause slowness in internet sites.

Stay tuned to not miss Atmacha's Black Friday discounts!


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