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What is a wall panel, how is it covered? What is the decorative effect?

What is a wall panel, how is it covered? What is the decorative effect?

The use of wall panels, which is a functional product with its sheathing feature and creates extraordinary designs in decoration, is increasing. So, do you want to know how to use these panels and learn more?

What are the features of the wall panel?

It is produced on the basis of styrofoam or acrylic. You get a calmer and quieter home as it insulates heat, humidity and sound. It is not affected by water and humidity, humidity is not observed. Thanks to its durability, you can use it for years. Inhibits bacterial growth; Doesn't require much cleaning.

How is the wall panel covered?

You should clean the wall you want to stick the panel on. You need to get a utility knife, stickwall glue, a square and a meter. After applying the adhesive in the size of toothpaste to the panel, you should cut the panel 2-3 times from the same place with the toothpaste. Starting from one of the bottom corners, you can stick the panel to the wall.

What is the decorative effect?

You can stylize your decoration and create an unexpected effect, thanks to the variety of panels that can be adapted to any style. You can choose a brick patterned panel for your living room and get a rustic style. Thanks to the panels, you can show the room wider than it is and create a sense of depth.

Brick pattern panel

Thanks to its realistic brick pattern, it gives a very different style to home decoration. With rustic-style panels, handmade or modern, panels made of bricks of any width or thickness, you can provide a decoration style as you wish in the decoration of your home.

Natural stone look panel

There are different varieties, from marble patterns to mosaics to designs based on medieval architecture. You can create a different style on your walls with quartz-looking stone panels, and provide a simple look with plain textured models. For example; If you have an avant-garde decoration style, you can increase the effect by lighting your stone patterned panel. Regardless of the style of your home, you can easily find the stone panel pattern suitable for home decoration.

Warm atmosphere with wooden patterns

You can use wooden panels to create a warm effect in home decoration. If you wish, you can add style and warmth to your home with wooden panels consisting of one color or more than one color. Wooden patterned panels to apply Rustic, Country, Asian style decoration styles to your home; It would be a pretty good choice.

Express your style with illustrated panels

It is a panel model in which pictures such as nature and flower prints and city views are used for decoration. It can be preferred in black and white or in color; paintable like other panel models.

three-dimensional decoration

In home decoration, the textures used are as important as the furniture and colors. Three-dimensional panels provide a three-dimensional appearance on the walls, providing an original design. Thus, it gives a magnificent style by showing luxury to the place where it is used. You can visit for stylish, modern and interior wall paint colors that will reflect your style.

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