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FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY on all brand-new products over £500!
What is a tone tone?

What is a tone tone?


The word tone is a term that is frequently encountered in the fashion world, but it also expresses a trend that is popular in the field of interior decoration today. If you've ever seen a house design consisting of one or two colors, you are not as unfamiliar with this trend as you might think. With tone-on-tone decoration that adds a calm and striking effect to living spaces, homes can get away from being ordinary and boring and capture a new style. If you have a color that you especially like, it is possible to have a decoration that will amaze those who see it, even by using only this color. Well, what is tone, which plays a color game to our eyes? As Doğtaş, the address of stylish furniture in homes, in this content, we are discussing what does tone and tone mean and how to apply tone-on-tone decoration. According to the concept, a color tone is determined for a particular area and then different shades of the chosen color are used for the rest of the decoration. In short, tone-on-tone is an interior design style created by layering different tones of a color on top of each other.

By using the tonal flow in decoration, it is possible to obtain designs that are different from each other with a single color, regardless of whether it is warm or cold. Thanks to this feature, the tone-on-tone trend in interior designs has been very popular in recent years. This trend can be applied to almost any type of interior design, from restaurants to hotels and homes. The light and dark tones of the selected limited number of colors provide an extraordinary, luxurious and cool atmosphere to the spaces, as if it were just the use of color and as if it were easy. may appear. However, as a matter of fact, it can also create difficulties in choosing furniture and accessories.

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