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What Does Parisian Style Mean in Home Decoration?

What Does Parisian Style Mean in Home Decoration?

"What do you mean Parisian?"  The question is among the questions related to fashion, and the questions that are most curious about fashion are among the most curious questions in researches on returning home sequentially.

You can create a perfect atmosphere with every corner full of elegance, thanks to the Parisian style that you can apply in all rooms of your home such as kitchen, living room and bathroom.

It is possible to explain the question of what Parisian means as one of the home decoration styles in which designs that can be described as vintage or timeless from the old periods are at the forefront and where a romantic approach is adopted.

Classical furnishings, large and high windows that allow plenty of light to enter, wrought iron balconies and many other outstanding details… These examples, each of which are directly related to the historical buildings of Paris, are among the most important details of Parisian home decoration.

Considering that the Parisian style with romantic elements or the Parisian style spread to the world from Paris, one of the most important art centers of Europe, it can be inferred that another main element underlying this style is of course classical arts.

Suggestions to Bring Parisian Style to Your Homes

The Key to Parisian Style: Classic Furniture

Perhaps the most important detail that constitutes the identity of the Parisian style is the classic, vintage designed carved furniture.  Gilded or carved, in the Parisian style, where antiques stand out;  Velvet covered sofas, rounded wooden coffee tables or dressers and bedside tables are among the sine qua non.


If the furniture you already have in your home has a more modern style, you can reveal the parisian style by covering the fabrics of your seats.  On the other hand, it is possible to complete your decoration with classical pieces instead of changing your armchairs and other furniture.

Atmacha's Modern Chesterfield Corner Sofa

Take advantage of sparkle and gilding

Perhaps the most important part of the job is the colors you choose.  You will see that most of the areas where the Parisian style is highlighted are light colors supported by sparkles. Powder and pink tones, sparkling rose gold colors and cream;  It creates a perfect harmony by using beige colors together.  In fact, these colors, which have quite light tones, are very striking when supported by sparkles and gilding details.


Choose Stylish Mirrors

If you want to apply a Parisian style with its glamorous elegance, let us state that you should not neglect to use mirrors, which are one of the most basic accessories of this style, in your decoration.

Don't Forget to Include Romantic Flowers in Parisian Decoration

Both artificial and natural flowers are not only in Parisian style;  They add a unique atmosphere to the atmosphere they are in in other decoration styles.  In this direction, you can always get a romantic look by including your favorite flowers in your home.

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