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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2020

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for 2020

When February comes around, everyone starting to think about Valentine's day. Let's don't be cliche this time. Bouquet, chocolates, teddy bears are so last year. This list will perfectly match for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, etc. From plant pots to sofa, these ideas are way better than a flower.

1- Frame

Frames are one of the most meaningful gifts. Personalized frames with your lovely photos! Or you can use a frame with a designer picture.

Silver Mirrored Framed Designer Picture

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2- Plant Pot

Who doesn't like plants? We think that plants are accessories that fit the house the best. Beautifully designed hand made pot will look great in your home.

Plant Pot, White and Gray

3- Wine Glass

Wine is always welcome, especially on Valentine's Day.

Grace Hanedan Wine Glass Mat Gold Mix Colour - Set of 6

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4- Accessory

The only thing that beats plants is a Glass Pineapple Accessory. 

Glass Pineapple

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5- Sofa

If you two made a big move to create a new home together, the best gifts for her/him are homewares. Show your appreciation with Milan Sofa!

Grey Sofa

6- Coffee Cup

While coffee cups are an ordinary gift, it's actually a meaningful gift. It represents the coffee you drink together.

Red Floral Coffee Cup and Saucer

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