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Upgrade Your Instagram Page: How to Take Fascinating Instagram Photos?

Upgrade Your Instagram Page: How to Take Fascinating Instagram Photos?

Whether you are an influencer with millions of followers or not, now everyone wants the Instagram page to be eye-catching! Today, one of the most popular social media application, Instagram allows us to see the photographer inside us.

If we want users to follow you on Instagram, you must have beautiful photos. Or you may want your Instagram page to look beautiful without too many followers and want to share your beautiful photos with your friends.

So truly, how to take nice Instagram photos? Here we will share a few tips with you:

1- Use Natural Light

Lightning is important for a good photo. The first rule is you need to understand how to use light. Start with using natural light instead of a flash. It doesn't matter how to take the photo with.

If you are shooting outdoors, early in the morning or in the evening are the hours when the most beautiful Instagram photos are taken.

2- Colors

When you find nice color transitions, harmonious shades, or contrasting colors that suit each other, don't miss out. You can use your furniture for this at home. You can take a great photo with your book or coffee cup on your coffee table!

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3- Background

While you want to take the awesome cake in the foreground, dirty plates and crumpled tablecloth should not come out. Or the trash can in the background can destroy all the magic while taking a selfie look in your most adorable time. That's why you can fill your wall with accessories and take a selfie in front of it.

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4- Under-expose Your Photo

You can under-expose your shots. There are many tools for that. To under-exposure your photo on an iPhone, tap and hold the brightest area of your phone, which locks in the focus and exposure. After you’ve done this, you can move your camera around to compose the photo you want. 

5- Time

We all love golden hour. You should plan your time well. You should not miss the most beautiful angle of the sun. So you have great pictures with inborn filters!

6- Edit

You have captured an amazing photo, but didn't it look like influencers photos? With so many editing apps available, you can turn in whatever you want! 

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