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Turkey's most beautiful summer houses

Turkey's most beautiful summer houses

Glad summer is coming! Only a month or two left until the sun, sea, holiday and joy enter our lives once again. When summer comes, our daily lives get warmer with nature, and we spend the whole season in a holiday mood even when we are not on vacation. Of course, those who enjoy the summer the most are undoubtedly those who are lucky enough to have a summer house according to their dreams. Summer houses almost represent the beautiful side of life and hot sunny days, and therefore they can vary greatly according to every taste and need. Turkey is a highly developed country in terms of both summer holiday resorts and summer architecture and summer house culture, and therefore both domestic and foreign tourism is at a very high level. Our coastal cities are always at the top of the world's most ideal places for a holiday. In this article, we have prepared a wonderful compilation that reminds us of hot days and brings the smell of the sea to our noses by bringing together beautiful, different and impressive summer designs located on different coasts of Turkey that will decorate your dreams and inspire you for your summer house projects. Here are the unique summer house models from the most beautiful coasts of Turkey…


1- A sympathetic and charming family house that is unique with natural stone

This elegant family house, which fascinates people with its lush garden, modest architectural layout, design that beautifies with the use of natural stone and gains a striking aesthetic, with its wonderful pool and natural appearance, is located in Çeşme.

2- Fluent design in Çeşme

Located in a large garden with a pool, this flamboyant and modern villa has a striking and memorable aesthetic with its flowing architecture with clean lines.

3- At the foot of the Taurus Mountains

This dazzling house is part of a nature-friendly housing project built on 72 decares of land in Mersin, on the outskirts of the Taurus Mountains.

4- Intertwined with nature on the shore of the lake

Located by the Karacaören Lake, which is covered with red pine and sweetgum forests, this bungalow is an inspiring and beautiful option, especially for those who are considering building an economical summer house.

5- The thousand-year legacy of Bozcaada

Bozcaada is one of our holiday destinations that comes to mind with its stone houses and different styles of stone work that has been going on for a thousand years.

6- A contemporary texture in Kyrenia

This summer house project, implemented by an Istanbul-based architectural firm, is located in Kyrenia, Cyprus. This house, spread over a wide area, where different materials are brought together to adapt to the climate, vegetation and unique texture of the region, draws attention with its impressive exterior, where concrete, granite, glass and wood materials are used together.

7- A work of art in Ayayorgi

Located on a high-level land overlooking the bays of Ayayorgi, Hacettepe and Dalyan, which are among the most beautiful bays of Çeşme, this contemporary architecture is almost a work of art.


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