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Tips to Create a Stylish Library

Tips to Create a Stylish Library

Libraries, which provide space for accessories as well as hosting books, are important complements of decoration. Be it a sculpture, teacups or seashells; every collection deserves a corner where it can be exhibited. You may want to organize the books you always want to reach and the items you value in harmony. Let's take a look at the methods you can apply for both useful and aesthetic libraries.


Objects that have a special meaning for you, a story or animate your memories are among the most beautiful pieces of bookshelves. You can use items that remind you of travel memories, collections you buy from flea markets or antique shops for decoration of your bookshelf. For small accessories, books that you can stack horizontally will create a stylish base.


The most interesting pieces of decoration can come from items you already own. By browsing through the items in your home, you can bring together a matching style or color frame, vase or artistic work. You can use pots, plants or magazines to add more color and patterns.


One of the things it can do to give its library a noticeable look is to create blocks of color using books. By arranging the books according to their cover colors and sizes, you can both revive the decoration and add tidiness to your library. If you have books that are incompatible with the others, you can achieve smooth transitions by placing the pages outwards, not the covers.


If your books aren't harmonious enough or decoratively satisfying, try painting your library in a contrasting color. Bookcases and recessed shelves in colors to contrast with the rest of the room will add sharpness to the decoration by creating a focal point.


If you want to create a modern style, you can leave wide spaces by making minimal choices. Use only a small group of books close to each other, a stylish vase and a metallic accessory to leave open spaces on the shelves and let the decor stand out.


Do not forget to bring the color theme that dominates the room to the library to reinforce the sense of integrity. When choosing accessories, you can prioritize the color tones of the furniture, cushions, or fabrics next to or in front of the bookshelf.


Book holders can be a great savior for you when decorating your library. You can use heavy and sturdy accessories, decorative architectural pieces or creative designs to keep shelves organized. You will be able to keep especially thin and paperback books upright and at the same time get an organized look.


You may not want to use most of the shelves for books only. This way, you can make the most of your storage space. However, this does not mean that the library has to carry an ordinary image. You can create a unique style with accessories and artistic objects that you will hang on the front or around the library.


It is a very creative idea to choose a library that is open on both sides to divide a large room into two. This way, you can create personal spaces within a room, while also organizing your library. Since the library is accessible from both sides, you can share a little conversation, light and atmosphere with the other part of the room.

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