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Tips for Packing Items While Moving Out

Tips for Packing Items While Moving Out

Those who go on vacation know how difficult it is to pack, but packing things while moving to a new home is much more difficult. Although we all dream of moving to a new home in pink clouds, this packing is a nightmare for all of us. To make this work a little easier, here are some good suggestions for moving in.

1. Start Collecting Packing Material a Few Weeks Before Moving

You can start collecting boxes a few weeks ago as it will be easier for you not to leave packing your stuff to the last moment. To cover your furniture, you can use ready-made materials such as old tablecloths, towels, or blankets. Remember, the sooner you start collecting items, the less fuss you will have at the last moment. Some of the materials you may need are:

  • Boxes of different sizes and thicknesses
  • Foam or pit pad (air-filled bubble wrap) to fill the voids
  • Straw or white plain paper for wrapping kitchen utensils, old newspapers or magazines for other wrapping items (newspaper paper may stain glasses and plates)
  • Scissors and duct tape, and a label to name the parcels. (You can also write the parcel number on several sides of the parcel)

2. Create Yourself a Comfortable Packing Space at Home, Do Your Packing Carefully

Carefully place all items to be packaged in this area into boxes and place a sufficient amount of padding (such as foam, paper towels, or newspaper) inside the boxes.

Heavy items should be at the bottom of the box and the lighter ones at the top. In addition, placing heavy items in smaller boxes will be beneficial both when carrying and opening, and will prevent damage to the item.

Pay attention to fragile items such as kitchen utensils, and definitely wrap them with protective materials to prevent them from breaking.

While filling your boxes, make sure to make a note of which room they will go to in your new home. For example, writing a note on your box like "12: Bedroom, blankets" allows you to easily reach these items in your new home.

3. Remember to Sort the Items You Need Most in a Different Box.

Supplies such as toothbrush and paste, soap and shampoo, face and bath towel, paper towel, a few plates, glasses (and maybe teapot and tea for tea lovers), a few snacks, scissors, a bedding set for sleeping in a separate box 'first If you divide it as 'box to open', the fuss you will experience when you first enter your new home will decrease.

In addition, if you put clothes that will last for a day or two for your residents, or the needs of the tiny individuals of your home, such as feeding bottles and baby food, you will be comfortable in your new home.

4. Prepare a 'Packing File' for Yourself.

In this file, in addition to the agreement, you have made with the transport company, including some cash, important official documents such as ID, telephone information of the people you may need to reach, and any official documents you may need without opening all your packages. Put this file in one of the suitcases you will take with you so that it does not interfere with other items.

5. 'Get Rid of Extra Items' at the Same Time While Moving

See your property as an opportunity to get rid of unused items and give any items you have not used for a long time and seem unnecessary to someone in need, or dispose of them if they are unavailable. Carry small items from the drawers in kitchen storage-type boxes. Speaking of the kitchen, check that your dishwasher is empty.

6. Put your Boxes Aside as You Tape and Label Them

As you pack your items, group them together, making an effort to put the boxes that will go to the same room. Try to group items such as cables and repair tools in the same boxes. If you can, you can also use a different color marker pen for each different room, this will visually make it easier to group boxes.

7. Make Sure All Your Belongings Go to the New House

At the end of the moving day, visit all rooms one by one and collect the remaining items in one room. When all the boxes come down, make sure you don't leave any valuable items or a mountain of garbage behind you and say goodbye to your old house and go to sit in your new home!

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