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FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY on all brand-new products over £500!
Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet

Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet

You can add personality and spirit to your living environment by choosing carpets according to the branches. You can complete your decoration with the choice of carpets in sizes and colors suitable for your home. Carpet selection is important for all rooms in the house to determine the integrity of the decoration. Even houses built in the style of your dreams and drawn by the most masterful interior designers need the finishing touches. In addition to the wall, paint and lighting features of your home, the most striking parts are the furniture. The final touch that can reflect all the beauty of a house furnished with furniture suitable for your style will be the choice of curtains and carpets with appropriate features. You can provide a stylish look to your home by completing your decoration with the selection of carpets in suitable sizes and colors, which is one of the issues that should be considered when setting up a new home or renovating your home.

The Importance of Carpet in Home Decoration

It should not be overlooked that the most ostentatious houses and the most impressive furniture will find their real value only with the carpet selection that complements the home decoration. Since each piece used in home decoration should be in the same color, texture and style, it will be useful to choose carpets that are suitable for the mood of your current decoration. In houses where modern furniture and curtains are used, it is recommended that the carpets be in sizes that do not cover the floor of the room and in geometric patterns in terms of decoration harmony. For houses furnished in a classical and avant-garde style, the choice of carpet models in which classical lines and floral patterns are used will be appropriate in order to complete the decoration.

Carpet Color Selection

As with any meaningful whole, the items and carpets used in home decoration should have complementary features. What is meant by this complementary feature is not to use the same color furniture and carpets, but to capture the style that will create a general feeling of wholeness. You can create a suitable look by thinking about every detail from the wall color of your house, the main colors of the furniture you use, to the color of curtains and even parquet. This balanced color appearance is as important as the quality or pattern of the furniture you use for the decoration of the house. With the use of suitable colors that complement each other in decoration, the color transition creates the most elegant atmosphere. Instead of choosing light-colored carpets on light-colored parquet, you can choose contrasting color tones that bring each other to the fore. In this way, both your parquet and your carpet will show themselves.

Tips for Choosing a Carpet for Your Home

You should determine your color, size and style priorities when choosing the most suitable carpet so that you can decorate your homes more stylishly. Keeping in mind that your main way out is to complete the home decoration, you should choose suitable color transitions for each room. Although the choice of carpet, in which furniture or wall color is used, may seem like a harmony at first glance, it can suffocate the air of the room. For this reason, you can also choose harmonious colors such as different shades of red or green yellow. The dimensions of the carpet are just as important as the color. The most common mistake is to choose the carpets used in the rooms large enough to go under the furniture. To avoid this mistake, you can go shopping by measuring twice. Apart from the style that your furniture reflects, choosing a carpet can spoil the whole atmosphere of the decoration. You can also adopt a different style for each room, as each room has a different purpose and atmosphere, such as the living room and the kitchen. Also, since choosing long pile cashmere carpets for the kitchen and children's room can cause problems in terms of carpet cleaning, you can choose short pile carpets.


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