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Things to consider when decorating the house

Things to consider when decorating the house

Do not neglect stylish lighting elements

Lighting elements are as important as furniture preferences, textures and colors in interiors. Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a living room. While yellow light is preferred especially for sitting areas and resting areas, white light is preferred in work areas, bathrooms and areas where a more dynamic atmosphere is desired. If you want to capture a warm and warming atmosphere, you can choose to use sunlight, that is, yellow light, which is the closest to natural light. If you want to get rid of the gloomy look and make a difference, review the lighting accessories. Correct lighting, metered light and regional light intensity settings are among the remarkable details at this stage.

Evaluate spaces with practical ideas

How would you like to evaluate wall decorations both functionally and aesthetically? For example, to create a functional wall area in the kitchen area, the chalkboard can be considered as a tool that meets daily needs. There are also chalkboard models for large cabinet doors that you can design at home with your own means. At homify you can find many different styles of house projects designed by architects and find inspirational ideas.

Create color balance according to purpose

If you want to create a serene bedroom area, you can determine the color palettes that will increase the sleep quality and the wall floor, floor and ceiling floor coverings. Pastel colors help you create both a serene space and a soothing atmosphere. While white floor colors allow you to have a clean sleep, when combined with natural textures, they create a peaceful atmosphere. Soft color tones, light color tones that provide spaciousness and calmness, and the calmness of blue, rest areas are among the appropriate colors.

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