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Things to consider when choosing a bed with storage

Things to consider when choosing a bed with storage

Bases are among the most preferred furniture options in bedrooms, as they offer a large storage area, increase the height of the bed and many more functional features. So what is the bed with storage? What can be the advantages of using bed bases in bedrooms? What should be considered when choosing a storage bed? 

If it is necessary to answer the question of what is a bed base in its simplest form, it is possible to answer this question as an empty chest or hopper, which is located under the bed and designed for the storage of goods. The bed bases, which can be evaluated, also come to the fore as a complement to the beds. The working mechanism of the bed bases is generally designed to open the bed base forward or to the side and upwards by means of the handle located under the bed.

Bases, which vary according to the quality of life and the type of material used in their production, with boxes; They are produced in three different ways as blind and lathed box bases.
Blind plinths, which are generally preferred in hotels, do not have the function of providing storage areas, unlike other plinth types. Blind plinths are only responsible for raising the bed placed on them.
Bed bases with chests and laths not only elevate the bed, but also function to store unused items or items that take up space because a suitable area cannot be found.


3 Advantages of Bed with storage

- A Hidden Storage Space

The most important advantage of the bases is that besides carrying the beds, they also act as a chest. Bases, which are a must-have type of furniture, especially in narrow houses and bedrooms, are considered as a storage area where unused items are stored. For example, during your winter cleaning, you can keep quilts, blankets and various clothes used in the winter months under the bed base until the next year. Moreover, since the items are not in a visible area, this situation does not cause a messy appearance.

-A Decorative Furniture

Another advantage of using bed bases in a house is that they are preferred as decorative furniture. In particular, bed bases, which must be included in small bedroom decorations; It can be produced with different fabric types such as leather and suede and in different colors, creating a stylish and modern effect in bedrooms.

- A Clean Use
Since the bases are hidden storage areas, it is not possible for them to get dirty easily. However, in cases where cleaning is required, the necessary hygiene can be provided very easily.

How to Choose a Bed Base?

Due to both their functional advantages and their decorative elegance, bedsteads have taken their place in bedrooms today. Just like when choosing a bed, you should pay attention to some basic points and choose the most suitable base for both your bed and your bedroom.

Robust Working Mechanism

If you consider the base of your bed as a piece of furniture that you think you will actively use, the way the base you choose works is critical. You should know the technical details about the base you will buy, in order to both offer the comfort you are looking for and help you continue to use it for many years without any problems, If you have any questions about this issue, you should clear them.

Quality Material Selection

If you want to buy a bed base that you will continue to use for many years, another feature that should be in the base you choose is that it is produced with quality materials. When you think that you will use the plinth as a storage area, the durability of the material used in the ground part of the plinth will ensure that it remains strong for many years and will prevent any damage to the structure of the plinth.

Safe Use

The safety stopper is found in some base models and not in others. If a base with a safety stopper, which is one of the sine qua non for a safe use, is opened, there is no need to intervene manually to prevent it from closing. Bases without safety stoppers can lead to dangerous situations, especially for families with children.


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