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The Power of Carpet and Lighting in Home Decoration

The Power of Carpet and Lighting in Home Decoration

Home decoration is an area that everyone is fondly interested in. Because everyone spends more or less time at home. While some people prefer classical styles, others make their style talk with different products. You can share this different style with recycling materials, different lighting tools and armchairs. You only need to use your imagination for this.

The most comfortable moving area is usually lighting. The more different the products you will use in lighting, the more the air of your home will change. Especially empty soda bottles, glass bottles are very useful. Glass bottles that are not used for this, optionally, rope and bulb will do the job. Using these three, you can turn your home into a shabby place. You can use a wooden base for the bottles, which you can also use as a table lamp. You can cut the coaster in the model you want and have it painted. You can give it a very cool air by adding a metal trinket next to it. As you can see, home decoration can be made with an unusual combination of several materials. The point that should not be forgotten here is how much you use the lighting power. Narrow, small bottles provide more illumination.

Carpets or kilims are among the most used products by those looking for a different style. Ethnic or floral patterns can be used. However, the most preferred models are the classic models. The vintage models used by our grandmothers in their homes can look very stylish in your home. Two large ethnic patterned carpets instead of Haliflex will both make your home look lively and create a historical atmosphere. If you do not like historical inspirations, you can choose large pieces such as bookshelves and tables in the room from colors such as yellow and orange. In this way, you can see the order created by the mixed pieces very clearly. If you do not want to take risks in large pieces, it is possible to capture this atmosphere with paintings. Home decoration can be achieved with the originality of small parts.
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