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The Best Winter Movies

The Best Winter Movies

There's nothing like sitting at home in cold weather and watching good movies. It would be great, especially if the movie includes beautiful snow scenes or the colorful atmosphere of the new year. So prepare the popcorn; Let's start exploring the funniest, most beautiful winter movies!

Winter months are the best times to grab tea and coffee and watch long movies under the blanket at home. Of course, our movie preferences change from time to time. For example, when winter comes, movies with a warm atmosphere and a snow scene may be more preferable.

A Delicious Snow Atmosphere: The Holiday

The Holiday, which is about two women and two different countries, will be a good choice especially for those who love romance movies. At the same time, you can watch the production, which is among the best snow-view movies, on New Year's Eve, as it shows the wonderful winter atmosphere of England.

It Will Bring Your Joy: The Family Stone

The Family Stone, which tells about a crowded and very entertaining family, also brought together very famous actors such as Rachel Adams and Sarah Jessica Parker in the same scenario. We are sure that you will feel many familiar emotions at the same time while watching the complex and funny story of the family that came together for the New Year celebration.

Almost A Classic: Home Alone

We can say that "Home Alone", a 1990 comedy movie, has now become a cult. Even if you have watched it many times before, how about watching and remembering the movie about the adventures of an 11-year-old little boy at home, who realizes that his family, who went on vacation, has forgotten him at home, as the new year approaches?

For Horror Movie Lovers: Gremlins

Gremlins, which is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to New Year's movies, and was released in 1984, is a horror-comedy movie. It tells the strange events that unfolded after an inventor's son received a gift from Chinatown. The events that develop with the understanding that the toy is actually a creature, interestingly affect the whole town. Especially if you like horror movies, you can choose Gremlins for your New Year's Eve.

A Warm Story: A Christmas Story

If you need to laugh a little, have fun and at the same time feel the spirit of the new year, definitely give this movie a chance! A Christmas Story, which will introduce you to pure happiness, is perfect for feeling the spirit of the new year.

To Get In The New Year Spirit: New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve, which is one of the most beautiful New Year's films with its warm story and reflecting the unique atmosphere of the winter season, is also one of the movies that should be watched right now. The cast of the film, which tells about the events where the lives of lonely people living in New York intersect, includes very famous names such as Robert De Niro, Jon Bon Jovi, Jessica Biel and Halle Berry.

Enjoy it!

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