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Sweet November: Winter Home Decoration

Sweet November: Winter Home Decoration

Although our homes are beautiful in every season, autumn love is different. This annual cycle, which comes with seasonal changes, is also reflected in our homes. Lower temperatures also affect how we want our spaces to look. Changing our decor over time is a natural way for us to adapt to our circumstances. In fact, you don't need to look elsewhere this November; Everything you need for a visually striking and extremely comfortable transition for the coldest months of the year can be summed up in just 6 simple accessories. You can reflect the November love into your home without the need for a significant color change or furniture revision. Let's take a look, without wasting time, how to feel the November vibe at home.


Artistically designed lighting solutions are one of the most important decor products of any interior, and winter is the perfect time to brighten up your home. In the spring and summer, natural light is enough, which means that it is more likely to meet all of your home's lighting needs without a lamp. However, at this cold time of the year, early loss of daylight means indoor light will stay on longer, and you may probably need to turn to different lamp alternatives such as overhead luminaires, table, and floor lamps.

One of the most comprehensive basic lighting schemes to use for a living room is to have at least one of each type of lamp: a floor, table, and also a ceiling fixture will do. You probably won't be using all of the lighting options at the same time, but you can ensure that the light level you need is available and ready for you in the corner of your home where you need it most.


The winter season is all about layers. Just as the cold weather affects our wardrobe, this also applies to our home decor. We can finally reveal our favorite things. Blankets!

You can choose 100% wool, cotton, or winter blankets that weigh a little on it this November. Your options for blankets are endless on the market right now, so you can focus on finding a blanket that really fits your personal style. You can choose blankets suitable for boho chic, mid-century modern, country life, or Scandinavian style.

The better you understand what you really like, the easier it will be for you to decide. Most of us are not fans of the cold weather, but nobody would say no to creating a cozy atmosphere at home when it is cold outside. You now have a good reason to fill your room with more textiles!


After blankets, we can talk about pillows, which are indispensable for homes. If winter is a great excuse to make your favorite newness, it's also a great time to add comfy pillows. Every season requires pillows of new texture and winter is of course one of them. It's definitely the right time to consider adding some Mongolian fur or sheepskin pillows to your sofa or bed for a little extra warmth.

In winter, interior decoration is all about staying warm and comfortable whatever the weather outside, so you can go for oversized pillows and floor cushions for lounging at home. When you want to give the density of the cushion, keeping the colors simple and neutral will keep the sofa from looking overcrowded and the patterns from getting out of control.


When it comes to November and autumn, one of the areas most affected by this temperature change in our homes is the flooring. If you have one of the thin rugs in your living room, you might consider placing a second rug underneath it for the winter. This is especially true if your house has hardwood floors. When it gets colder outside, the extra rugs on the floor will definitely come in handy. Rugs are the perfect combination to give your feet the relief they deserve while walking on the cold floor in your home.


If there is one goal that all winter decoration has in common, it is defense against cold weather, and in no area is that more important than your windows. Traditional blinds may not be able to fully meet this task at this time of year. Thick, high-quality window treatments are a good solution to keep warm air inside and cold air out.

Similar to blankets, you may prefer to look for curtains that are heavy and not transparent when choosing curtains. Having a lining for curtains is also important in terms of insulation.

The practical reasons for choosing thick curtains in winter are obvious, but we cannot underestimate the aesthetic aspects. With the right colors, there is no end to what curtains can do in decorating, whether you can accentuate it or create explosions of color. You can stand out against the background of the rest of the room, making it the visual focal point that brings the space together.


Speaking of cold weather, candles are another must-have for a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. Nowadays, even when not used for lighting purposes, you can choose the most suitable ones for your home by searching for candles that find their place in our homes in many ways and shapes.

Candles that you can make space in every corner of your home serve as dim lighting sources, as well as tiny heaters. Although they do not physically heat the environment, they are the decors that warm us and sometimes give us peace with the scents they emit as they melt.

We have no doubt that candles, which you can use from the dining table to the coffee table, the corridor, the entrance, or even the bathroom, will bring the November atmosphere to your home. Decorating the appropriate spots with candles in your home will make it feel stylish and luxurious with very little effort.

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