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Stylish Consoles

Stylish Consoles

Console designs inspired by French and Italian furniture bring the radiance of today's classic and modern lines to your home. Gold details and bold lines add a special atmosphere to your home. Consoles are both a decorative piece and a functional design element. While it is used for storage, it also adds an artistic atmosphere to your home with the appropriate accessories.

While consoles play an artistic role in today's homes, they can become a canvas that you can interpret as you wish with many objects that you can position on them, from valuable trinkets to vases filled with colorful flowers to family photos. A console can be purely decorative or take on a more functional role if it includes drawers or shelves.

Where you place the console in your home largely determines its purpose; For example, a console built into a dining room can be used to house easily accessible tableware.

Create Style in Your Home
There are a variety of styles, designs, sizes, shapes and materials to choose from when searching for the right console model for your home. Star Console made of black wood will create style in your home with its classic and innovative interpretation of wooden details that bring it to perfection with its bold lines.

Elegant and Flawless; Butterfly Console

Successfully reflecting the decorative elegance coming from the details, the Butterfly console offers a highly functional design that you can choose in spaces with minimal or modern lines. While emphasizing its style with its striking metal foot structure, its special motifs that come to life in marble details create an elegant appearance.

Strando Console

An extraordinary and attractive design. Details that come to life with elegant lines and masterful touches that bring a new interpretation to the concept of elegance… Functional items that change your style and add movement to your home; For those who want a trendy look in their living room, all Strando consoles.

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