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FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY on all brand-new products over £500!
Spring Decoration Tips

Spring Decoration Tips

There is little time to spring, which is one of the best seasons. And the best preparation for a new season is to redecorate the house for that season. Colors, flowers, weather is even more beautiful this season. So spring is one of our favorite seasons. Everywhere becomes like a garden!

Since we are in the first week of March, we can start thinking about spring decoration. Get ready to spring decorating ideas and styling tips!

1- Gold Leaf Plate

Reflect nature into the decoration in your home. Let the spring be with you at home with leaf and floral patterns.

Gold Leaf Plate

2- Bookshelf

Paint your library in living color. Choose one of the colors that best suit spring. Because of that, the room where your bookshelf is located will breathe.

Still Bookshelf - White

3- Chandelier

Use ambitious products in lighting your room. Lighting is very important for the room. It can change the aura of the room. So choose a chic chandelier to fit spring!

Middle Eastern Style Chandelier Round - Gold

4- Plant

Speaking of spring, it is impossible not to mention flowers and plants. If you turn your house into a secret garden, nobody will be fooled. You can fill small or large plants in your home. You can create a minimal environment or a chaotic environment. It's just up to you. It will suit your home in both cases!

Plant Pot - Cream and Green Vertical Stripe

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5- Kitchenware

Use the same spring vibe in your kitchenware. Flower-patterned plates, coffee cups, saucers, bowls... All of them will suit your home decorated according to spring.

Dervish Amazon Equator Tea Glass and Saucer - Set of 6

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6- Green Sofa

If you are thinking about what you will buy, our choice is for the green sofa. Spring and flowers remind us of green. You can continue the harmony with your flowers and accessories on a green sofa.

Doreta Sofa - Green

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