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Space Saving Tips and Ideas That Make Life Easier in Small Homes

Space Saving Tips and Ideas That Make Life Easier in Small Homes

"How to make small houses useful?" Although the question and its answer have always been one of the curious topics, the solutions offered have become more important with the increasing popularity of the tiny house trend. If you also need space-saving suggestions in small houses, then you are in the right place!

How to Save Space in Living Rooms?

We have many suggestions that you can get help to make the living rooms useful!

  • Corner sofas that give homes a modern look are among the furniture you can choose to save space in the area.
  • Multi-purpose furniture can be life-saving. For example, a product with both a coffee table and pouffes under it can be counted among space-saving furniture.
  • Storage space is always needed! You can get the additional storage space you need thanks to sofa sets with storage boxes, bases, and center tables with drawers.
  • Instead of the middle coffee table, you can choose a nesting table or side tables positioned in the arm part of the seat.
  • Including decorative shelves to save space and contribute to wall decoration is one of the things you can do to make the living room useful.
  • You can get help from storage boxes and baskets to make the hall tidy, and you can save space by positioning these organizing products on top of each other.

How to Save Space in the Bedroom?

Furniture, clothes, home textile products… When you consider all these, it is essential to save space in bedrooms. But how?
  • If possible, you can use built-in wardrobes, if this is not possible, you can get help from a carpenter and have a cupboard built on your wardrobe. Of course, shelves are also an option!
  • Base beds are the perfect solution for those looking for additional storage space!
  • Wardrobes with a mirror on the cover make the space look bigger.
  • It is necessary to provide order in the cabinets. Getting help from cupboard organizers and vacuum bags are practical suggestions for space saving.

How to Save Space in the Dining Room / Dining Area?

Maybe you have positioned a room as a dining room, even though your home is small, maybe you don't have a separate room for it and you have reserved a corner in the living room for a dining table. It does not matter! It is possible to make the dining area more useful with the suggestions we will give.


  • Collapsible and minimally designed tables and chairs can be among the furniture options that take up little space.
  • If your space is very limited, for example if you are a tiny house owner, you may want to consider choosing wall-mounted mini tables.
  • Of course, storage space is also required in the dining rooms! In addition to decorative shelves and small wall-mounted cabinets, you can save space by choosing a vertical display cabinet instead of a horizontal console.


How to Save Space in the Kids Room?

If you need space in children's rooms, which are generally preferred as small rooms of the house, you can implement our suggestions.
  • You can choose products that combine more than one furniture such as a bunk bed with a wardrobe, a bunk bed with a study desk. In addition, base beds can also help to save space.
  • Instead of large libraries, you can consider more minimal options such as small libraries.
  • Storage boxes are ready to help you keep your kids' toys organized!



How to Save Space in the Kitchen?

A certain part of your time is spent in the kitchen every day, and your work becomes difficult unless small kitchens are equipped with practical solutions. So let's start by listing tips to save space in the kitchen.
  • Built-in products can help you position the appliance in a space-saving way.
  • Hangers, shelves and baskets positioned inside the kitchen cabinet and on the kitchen walls are products that you can use to save space in the kitchen.
  • If you need additional storage space, you can take advantage of decorative shelves and kitchen baskets.
  • You may want to consider using refrigerator storage containers to keep the inside of your refrigerator tidy.


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