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Space Saving Is Possible: 4 Furniture Recommendations for Small Living Rooms

Space Saving Is Possible: 4 Furniture Recommendations for Small Living Rooms

The small size of your living room, the area where you spend the most time in your home, means that you have to scrutinize the area while decorating. If you pay attention to all the details, from the choice of color to the choice of furniture, you can create a more spacious ambiance in the living room decoration and have a more useful space at the same time. 

Should You Choose Sofa Set or L Sofa for Small Living Rooms?

  • Before making the comparison about sofa set and L sofa selection for small rooms, it will be useful to briefly explain what you need to consider when buying a sofa for your small living room.
  • The light reflective properties of light colors can make the space appear more spacious and wider than it is. For this reason, you should prefer light-colored seats.


  • The design of the chair you choose is also very important. A minimally designed small sofa set or a corner sofa will make your home appear more spacious, rather than an armchair with an imposing design. In addition, you will get rid of the hassle of fitting large armchairs into a small living room!


  • Armchairs with legs and openings under them are among the alternatives that you should prioritize when choosing furniture for small houses. Of course, if you need storage space, you can also choose box-based products.

Should you choose small living room sofa sets or corner sets? How about a seat in the small living room?

You can consider choosing small living room sofa sets with minimal design. However, at this point, although you will be choosing between small sofa set models, you should not forget that you will need to position the triple, double or single seats at separate points in the living room. In other words, although the design of the sofa set is small, it may be difficult to save space in terms of placement.

L armchairs help you use the space more efficiently and arrange furniture more effectively in a small space. You can find the advantages of L armchairs and the points to consider when buying L armchairs in our article "Comfortable and Convenient: Corner Sets". Of course, you should make sure that you choose a small corner sofa set when choosing an L sofa.

Should You Choose a Small Wooden Dining Table or a Glass Dining Table?

If you have a small house, you probably won't have a dining room and you will have the dining area in your living room. At this point, you know that you should choose a small dining table because your space is very limited. So, do you know what to consider when choosing a dining table for small houses?

  • When choosing a table for the small living room, you should prefer light tones. For example, a small white dining table may be more suitable for you instead of a brown table.Instead of choosing a large-sized table, foldable and expandable tables are among the useful furniture for small houses.
  • Having a minimal design of the table is also very important in terms of having a large area.
  • We also recommend that you pay attention to this point when choosing a chair.
  • Choosing round tables instead of square or rectangular tables can help you save space.

Let us state that you should pay attention to the material as well as the design while examining the dining table models for small living rooms. For example, should you choose materials such as wood or MDF, or should you prefer a glass table?

Retractable wooden or MDF small dining table set can help you save space, but transparent glasses can also create a perception of division in the space and thus make your living room appear larger than it is. For this reason, glass dining tables are among the furniture for small houses.

Should You Choose a TV Unit or TV Hanger?

Giving priority to small furniture also applies when choosing a TV unit. Choosing small furniture options, whose design resembles coffee tables or consoles, can help you make the space appear larger. However, if you have the opportunity, our recommendation for you is to use your TV hanger brackets. In this way, you can decorate your living room more effectively, for example, you can place a small dining table where you will put the TV unit.

An Important Reminder: Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture for Small Houses

We talked about small home furniture that you can choose. But in addition to these, you should not forget that the products you will buy are multi-purpose; because practical furniture for small homes can serve multiple uses. For example, if you want to buy a coffee table, you can choose small home furniture solutions that can be opened as a work table or have a pouf underneath.

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