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Shopping Tips For Black Friday Sales

Shopping Tips For Black Friday Sales

What is Black Friday?

It has been held every year since 1932.

Black Friday, which was introduced in the United States between 1929 and 1939, during the economic crisis, also known as the "Great Depression", has turned into a tradition that has been going on for 86 years without interruption, to make the public shop more and to accelerate the current cash flow in the market.

Black Friday starts on the first Friday after Thanksgiving every year.

Black Friday does not have a specific date. Because this day is held every year on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the date may change every year. For example, this year's Black Friday falls on Friday, November 23.

It is also considered the beginning of Christmas shopping.

This crazy discount day, which first became widespread in America, Canada and England, is also considered to be the beginning of Christmas shopping, which is a very important phenomenon for Christian societies.

The name "Black Friday" came out of the stampede during shopping.

The reason why this sale day is called "Black Friday" is based on the stampede, injury and even death in stores due to crazy discounts. However, there are other rumors about the name. According to another rumor, the name Black Friday comes from black marketers who stock goods at cheap prices during the sale day.

On Black Friday, stores in the USA open at 05:00 for that day.

Specially for Black Friday only, stores in the USA open at 05:00 in the morning and close at 24:00 at night. It is because of this opening time that the camps set up in front of the store overnight.

The most popular categories on Black Friday are electronics, fashion and decoration products.

According to statistics, the categories that consumers worldwide show the most interest in on Black Friday are electronics, fashion, decoration products and books, respectively.

Shopping Tips

Set Your Budget

Considering that the entire world economy is struggling, it would be good to set a budget before Black Friday.

The first thing you need to do is determine how much money you can spend. In this case, you can better see what your priorities are and you will not spend money on unnecessary items.

Black Friday is a good time to do your Christmas shopping, it is also a good time to buy household items such as sofa sets, carpets, and technological tools.

Make a list

You may be a little confused when you see these huge discounts. In fact, you may make the mistake of buying a lot of things that are not very important to you or that you later realize are of poor quality because you liked them the first time you saw them.

The first thing to do here is to stay calm and do some research to make the most of these excellent discount deals.

Think a little about your needs, take a look at the products you want to buy online. Make sure they are reliable, high quality and affordable.


Create an Online Wish List

Most online stores have a shopping list or favorite products section that you can create within the site.

That means adding everything you want to buy to your lists before Black Friday and getting rid of the overwhelming confusion when that day comes. You don't have to navigate the site for hours and you don't forget to buy the important things. 

Know The True Price 

When is a sales bargain not so much of a sales bargain? When it’s not actually any cheaper than it has been previously.

The thing about sales prices is that they are often marked against the original RRP (Recommended Retail Price) and that product may well have only been sold at the RRP for a fraction of the time that it’s been available. 


Follow Black Friday Coupons on Social Media

Too many big and small brands are creating coupon codes for their discounted products during this period. You can use these coupons during Black Friday by following the social media accounts of your favorite brands.


Know Your Brands

Stick to brands with good reputations rather than being dazzled by fancy sounding products with brand names you haven’t heard of.

I’m not saying that upcoming and smaller brands aren’t good. But unless you’ve thoroughly researched a brand, it’s best to stick to household names.

Be Careful With Your Technological Shopping

 Because the prices of tech gadgets are always over our budget, we want them to be our biggest savings during Black Friday.

But when we want to save on technology, there are 2 things we have to consider.

First, what are we really looking for in a technological device? Is it important that it is the latest model or will an old model also work for us?

Secondly, although you have allocated a large part of your budget to this technological device, will you be disappointed when a higher model comes out 2 months later?

Paying attention to these two issues while doing your shopping will make your Black Friday more productive.

Earn As You Save

Just because Black Friday is all about saving money doesn’t mean you can’t also aim to earn money at the same time. There are two main ways to do this.

a- Sign up to a cashback site where you will earn cashback when you spend on certail retail sites.

b- Using a cashback credit card is the easiest way of earning money as you save.


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