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Scottish Decoration Trend

Scottish Decoration Trend

Scotland is one of the countries that has been affected so much in the world that it determines the trends in decoration seriously. Actually, we can describe the Scottish home style as nostalgic. The national clothing of Scots, the plaid pattern is widely used in homes. It has a wide range of uses including curtains, pillows, and upholstery.

#Plaid Pattern

If we examine today's furniture trends, plaid patterns are seriously fashionable. Of course, these patterns determine the clothing fashion as well as the patterns of Scottish skirts. Therefore, it attracts attention as one of the most important options to achieve a modern look in homes.

In general, you can also evaluate the most ideal options for your decoration style. Throughout Scotland, standards are changing dramatically in this sense. Curtains that match perfectly with plaid patterns, handmade accessories, and even furniture... The most important thing that makes a difference in homes throughout Scotland is precisely this detail.


So what else is there besides plaid? The soft wool and cashmere used in sofa shawls and pillow fabrics attract our attention. Simple and soft. In short, it is very important to choose simple options that are far from exaggeration and that will satisfy you visually.

#Natural Materials

Scotland is one of the coastal countries. Especially home decorations intertwined with nature are always at the forefront. Using natural elements in your home will offer you psychological attractiveness and make a visual difference.

#Dark Walls

When we look at the general ambiance, the walls painted in dark colors or the use of densely patterned wallpaper draw the attention. The English style dominated by large floral patterns is of course reflected in the Scottish style. Also, Coarse patterns that are not used in wallpaper can also be found on curtains or carpets.


All kinds of motifs made of wood offer us beyond perfect options for our homes. Tree or carved motifs make a serious difference in terms of decoration trends. Especially dark woods are widely used in homes.

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