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Rug Decoration Ideas

Rug Decoration Ideas

Carpet is one of the most basic ways to create a warm environment in our home. In previous times, especially hand-woven carpets were used to provide heat insulation by hanging on the walls. Today, we still use carpets in home decorations. At the same time, it is seen that carpets are still used in wall decorations with different styles.

In order to complete the decoration in carpet selection, you should make choices that are compatible with your style as well as being compatible with furniture. It is more accurate to choose the carpet after selecting the furniture and curtains. The purpose of the carpet is also very important. In the room, you can choose carpets that will disappear on the floor, or you can also use patterned carpets that will be the focal point.

creme rug


Plain carpets are generally preferred in furniture with patterned fabrics. In order to prevent complexity, colors such as beige, earth tones, and creams are preferred because carpets are mostly kept in the background in decorations. At the same time, light colors are very successful in making the area look bigger.

black marble rug


However, in eye-catching home decorations, you can choose darker colors such as black, red, burgundy, navy blue, dark green, and brown. In areas where carpets such as door entrances and corridors are contaminated faster, the preference of dark colors should be considered.

black rug


Many people do not prefer the use of dark carpets and dark furniture at the same time. But ultimately this is your style and you can arrange your home as you wish!



The use of yellow tones carpets will add a warm look to the decoration, especially in rooms where sunlight is unavailable or underused.



Patterned carpets are preferred for plain fabric furniture to add more color and richness. Figured carpets and three-dimensional carpets are also used in areas such as kitchens, children's rooms, and hobby rooms.



Geometric patterned carpets or solid color carpets are more preferred in modern decorations and country decorations. In Scandinavian home decorations, it is seen that hand-woven rugs and carpets are generally preferred.



Patchwork carpet seems to be trending this year as it was in previous years. You can also use hand-carved carpets according to your style. These carpets with modern lines and yarn weaving bring trendy colors to the home. Today, embossed carpets are also designed in accordance with many styles.

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