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Renting a house and earning income with Airbnb

Renting a house and earning income with Airbnb

Airbnb, very simply, is a highly functional paid home or room rental application. While traveling with Airbnb, you can rent your own home as well as stay in local people's homes. Those who want to stay have to pay you a certain fee. In this way, it is possible to earn income as simple as renting a house with Airbnb. So what do you need to do to rent a house with Airbnb?

Signing up for Airbnb

To start renting a house with Airbnb, you must first register with the system. You can easily register by clicking this link and following the steps I will explain below.

We begin to fill in the information on the screen by first choosing the type of your house. You need to specify the type of rental in the room type section. If you have a furnished house that you do not use, you can rent your entire house. Or you can rent a room of your house that you only use. It is also possible to rent common areas. After entering the number of people who can stay in your house and the city where your house is located, we continue to the next page.

On the page that opens, you can choose your Airbnb login method and proceed according to the incoming directives. If you do not want to deal with the e-mail process, you can complete your registration with one click by connecting your Facebook or Google account.

Getting started with a rental: Adding a listing

After creating your account, the first thing you need to do to be able to rent is to create a page for the place you will rent. Creating a page for places you will rent on Airbnb is called "creating a record". We started creating our record in the previous step. Now we need to complete this record we created, that is, we need to enter detailed information about the record. After completing the above steps and logging in to the site, we click on the "Host" button on the top panel and we begin to complete our registration.

Step One: Provide basic information about your home

After this stage, Airbnb will ask you some questions about your place and help you determine the basics. This information includes basic information about your location. Are you renting your entire house or a room? How many people can stay in your home? Will the guests have a private room? Is this room primarily reserved for guests, or is your personal belongings stored there? Is there a private toilet in the place you rented, how many beds are in the room or rooms you rented, what is the full address of the place you rented?

Step Two: Add photos of your place

In the second step, you can start uploading photos of the place to be rented. If you do not have a photo yet, you can skip this step for now. The photos you are expected to add will be those that create a correct impression of the rental place. In other words, it is very important to include photos of the room you will rent and the bathroom that your guests will use. In addition, it is also useful to upload photos of common areas such as living room and kitchen so that the place to be rented can feel like home.

Choosing a recording title

After the summary description, the system will ask you for a registration title. The title only allows 50 characters. The title will be the first thing that appears in searches for your location. For this reason, it is useful to choose and write the most important thing for your place to be preferred.

For example, if your house is close to the airport, you can write a title such as “Private room 5 minutes from the airport” or “Private room 2 minutes from London Eye” if it is close to central places as a factor that will affect the choice for tourists. At the same time, if there is something in your home that you think will be of interest to future guests, you can include it in the title.

Step Three: Guest acceptance options

After entering the information about your place, it's time to accept guests. In order for users to feel comfortable, Airbnb requires certain information to be obtained and certain conditions to be accepted before each reservation.

Airbnb requires verification of email address, phone number and payment information for those who want to book your home. Likewise, according to Airbnb obligations, your guests have to accept the rules about your home and inform you.
Apart from the obligations determined by Airbnb, you determine the rules for those who will come to your home one by one. In this way, you have the sole say about the guests you will accept into your home. In the third step, you determine the rules about your house.

Requirements set for making a reservation

As I just said, Airbnb requires some information to be verified. Therefore, people who want to make a reservation at your home have to confirm their contact information, provide payment details and tell you about the details of their trip. People who see your record in searches and meet these requirements will send you a message by choosing the dates they want to stay. When a guest submits a request, you have 24 hours to accept or reject the reservation without penalty. Within 24 hours, you must evaluate the incoming message by pre-approving or rejecting it. If your pre-approved guest makes a reservation, you will receive a travel information e-mail and sms.

Reservation and accommodation times

Airbnb also lets you choose about booking and lengths of stay in step three. According to the settings you will make here, it is possible to choose how many days in advance the guests should make a reservation, check-in and check-out times, and the minimum and maximum number of nights for accommodation.

Setting a price for accommodation

Airbnb offers several pricing options for stays. The first choice you make is what kind of price you want to set. Do you want to set a fixed price or a price that changes according to demand? If you set a fixed price, the price will always remain the same. If you set a price that changes according to demand, the system asks you to choose the maximum and minimum accommodation price. Based on this selection range you make, it determines an average price by looking at the pricing of similar listings around you and the demand for the region. This price varies according to demand, season and similar records in the region.


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