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Renovate Your Home with the Decoration Trends of the Last Year

Renovate Your Home with the Decoration Trends of the Last Year

A person finds peace in his home, but from time to time he may be troubled by the unchanging appearance of the house. Especially women do not like to spend a long time in the same decoration and they bring freshness to their homes with small touches they will make from time to time. If you think it's time for a change in your home, renew your style with new decoration trends that will open your horizons for you to design friendly, spacious and warm living spaces.


Natural and Simple Details

The most natural form of wood, unpolished and unpainted, is at the top of the decoration ideas. In addition to furniture and accessories produced from the raw form of wood, living spaces furnished in Country style and Vintage style, supported by by-products such as natural stones, ropes, iron pipes, original logs, pebbles, are among the latest decoration trends.

Handmade Accessories

Handcrafted designs made by mothers in the past, each more precious than the other, are in demand again. Handmade accessories, which create eye-catching combinations with a natural tendency, are one of the most popular decoration trends of this year. You can use products that come to life with many different varieties, such as knitted cases, lace patterns, ceramics, embossed glass plates, wood painting, in many accessories, from chandelier design to coffee table making.

Pastel, Matte and Glossy Colors Together

Fill your home with green without hesitation this year. Use the green tones, which are the symbols of returning to nature, in vases with large branches of leaves, on leaf-patterned pillows, covers, tables, plates, frames, decoration plants, in short, wherever you like. The combination of dark blue tones and bright white is also among the trends of this year. Gray tones, which you will use in many points from sofas to curtains, from dinnerware to covers, to break the clarity of white, contribute to a bohemian atmosphere by calming the energy of colors.

An Elegant Look with Velvet

The trend fabric of the new year is velvet. Velvet, which is the symbol of warmth and comfort as well as magnificence with its softness and shine, should not be limited to curtains and sofa upholstery. Unlimited use of velvet fabrics in all your creative ideas, from velvet tablecloths to wall decorations that will give your tables a rich look.

Places Enlivened by Flowers

Greenhouse botanicals, which look as natural as natural flowers, are also among the remarkable trends of this year. Floral details that will add vitality to the atmosphere of your home will bring the texture of nature to your home.


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