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Recycling Projects You Can Try in Your Home

Recycling Projects You Can Try in Your Home

It is important to adopt sustainable living habits in our homes in order to use the world's resources efficiently in the future. Saving resources, avoiding unnecessary energy expenditures, and supporting recycling are actually steps each of us can take. So, what creative projects can you do for home recycling?

We have included decorative designs that you can make from different materials that can be found in your home. It's time to take advantage of those items that you don't know what to do without throwing them away!

Storage for Legumes and Spices

Glass bottles and stoppers can be used to store products such as spices, legumes, coffee, milk powder, sugar. Especially if you have the same glass bottles, you can keep your materials in order. For example, you can consider it as a rustic product set by choosing cork stoppers suitable for large soda bottles.

Recycled Flower Pots

It is especially important to include plastic bottles in your recycling, as plastic is one of the wastes that end up in the soil at the latest. In this suggestion, we wanted to show that you can cut the base of large plastic bottles into a flower pot by cutting the base of your choice. You can grow spices such as thyme and basil in these pots that you can use in the decoration of your children's room or balcony with a cute painting.

Cup Candle Holders

When the cup sets are broken or deformed, using them in some cases may be dangerous for health. However, you can evaluate different designs that you can evaluate before throwing the teams that are important to you. For example, you can use the inside of your cups as a candle holder. You can melt a candle in your home and pour it into a cup and recycle it as a decor item.

Headboard of Strips

You can recycle fabrics that are frayed, torn or you no longer want to use as a headboard for home decor. You can cut the textile product (clothes, blankets, fabric, duvet cover, etc.) into strips and combine them vertically on a string in a complex or tone order. You can put this work together with simple sewing details, for example, as a headboard or as an ornament on the wall of the reading corner.

Tin Pencil Holders

Tin cans, which are mostly considered as kitchen waste, are among the metal recycling materials. You can also use them as an office item or when storing kitchen utensils, after making sure they don't have any sharp and cutting surfaces to use. Don't be afraid to use your creativity in this recycling project!

Baskets from Old Suitcases

Instead of trashing the zippered, broken, water-filled suitcases, let's get them back home! You can especially consider it as a basket, magazine rack, or a nightstand for your legs that your pets will love!

Candle Decorations from Jars

Cracked, broken jars that you no longer want to use are considered glass waste. Instead of throwing it away, you can try to recycle it at home first. You can use masquerade coloring applications and filling the jars with beads or stones as decorative lighting.

Lighting with Glass Bottles

Large glass bottles can be recycled at home in different ways. You can make lighting suitable for rustic or industrial decoration style. You can use glass bottles in whole or cut form and combine them with electrical equipment or candles.

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