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Perfect Homemade Halloween Decoration Tips (DIY)

Perfect Homemade Halloween Decoration Tips (DIY)

It's that time of the year. As Halloween approaches, are you ready to fill your homes with a little scary yet cute decorative ornaments? Such small projects are not only incredibly fun for you and your children, but also make all your effort worthwhile because they look so aesthetic!

But what decorations can you make in your home this Halloween?

Glowing Eyes

Don't throw away toilet paper rolls! You can turn them into glowing eyes at night by putting glow sticks inside!

Bloody Handprints

If there are no bloody handprints on Halloween, that Halloween was incomplete. With your hands red food coloring and some glue, you can make these amazing prints and then stick them all on a variety of surfaces!

Wall Spider Web

Take double-sided tape and weave scary cobwebs with it that you can stick on walls!

Silhouette Lamps

You can create a halloween ambiance by sticking papers that you cut in scary shapes on your lamps.



Glowing Ghosts

These cute ghosts are made with a white veil over white light and they look really incredible.

Dangling bats

These bats, which you can make by cutting out black background cardboard, do not tire of swinging frighteningly in any weather!

Glass Jar Lights

Candles are one of the only accessories that can be used for any occasion. If you want to create a festive atmosphere in your home, just buy a few jars and get creative with paint!

Halloween Mat

These mats that you can make in front of your house with stencil will definitely get you into the Halloween mood.

Mouse Silhouettes

Take the cardboard and cut it to create little mice!


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