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Our Bestseller Sofas

Our Bestseller Sofas

Sofas are furniture designed to relieve tiredness and relax. While the sofas are comfortable, making the time we spend at home productive and happy, at the same time, the choice of sofa is very important in home decoration since it prevents health problems such as lower back and back pains.

That's why sofas are so important. Its design and style should be chosen carefully. It is up to you to find the most suitable sofa for your home. Sofas are produced according to many styles and home types. Designs change every year. According to the size of the house, a suitable sofa should be chosen. At the same time, when choosing a sofa, it should be taken into consideration how many people live at home. Sofas should be long-lasting and functional.

Unfortunately, since it is costly to create a sofa, its prices are also expensive. There are options for every budget. This is exactly why we decided to write this blog post because we made discounts that you should not miss. We do our best to design your home according to your style. Many of our products have more than 20 colours and fabric options. Finally, you will be able to show your true style to everyone. In order to help you a little more and make your sofa selections easier, we have listed our bestsellers!

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1- Cream Mary Chesterfield Sofa

cream sofa with chestnut wooden leg

Click to shop Cream Mary Chesterfield Sofa

Its cream color and chestnut wooden legs, Mary Chesterfield Sofa, offer you a cozy spot to lie down with a book or Netflix&Chill! Mary chesterfield sofa looks good in any interior design with a modern look. This sofa can also be a bed! Overnight guests will be happy about that. Thanks to this feature, it provides a great solution to small houses.

The legs are made of Chestnut Wood. 3 people can easily settle to the seat. You will start using it immediately as it does not require assembly. The width is 230 cm. Its height is 78 cm. Its depth is 97 cm. We provide customized options to match your taste or home. If you require a particular size, shape or color sofa pop into our Green Lanes showroom.

2- Elegante Corner Sofa

grey sofa with orange pillows

cream sofa
Have fun family movie nights and host parties alike all at this stylish sofa! More than just the furniture to your living room, sofas define your overall aesthetic and are a symbol of relaxation. The perfect pick for any contemporary interior design, this one features color options and stainless steel plates leg. A great choice for a crowded family!

3- Milan Sofa Bed

blue sofa bed

grey sofa bed
What is more functional than sofa beds? 3 Seater, button back, solid hardwood leg finish Milan Sofa Bed, will provide you with the comfort you need! This three-seater sofa bed brings your living room a stunning look with its appearance. With two different options and convenience, you can relax in its soft supportive embrace.

4- Juju Sofa Set

black velvet sofa

The sofa beautifully styled using materials makes a welcome addition to any living space. The upholstery imparts timeless style. This fashionable sofa creates a modern, velvet aesthetic while also adding to the durability, stability, and strength of this piece as a whole proving it was assembled using high-quality materials and was built for longevity.

5- Theme 3 Seater Sofa

Grey Sofa

Click to shop Grey Theme 2 Seater Sofa

It's sure to add modern appeal to a living room with its look. Low armrests will provide a modern & grounded look. Ideal for homes of both contemporary and classic surroundings. It will look very stylish in your home with your accessories and modern design pillows you will put on it!

You may use the code SOFA for a 20% Off on our top seller Sofas!

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