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Online Education Advice for Children: How to Be More Efficient?

Online Education Advice for Children: How to Be More Efficient?

Due to COVID-19, online education is provided all over the world. Home education, which is within the scope of coronavirus protection measures, can of course reduce the transmission course of the epidemic; however, some people also think that online education has several disadvantages, such as the inability to focus. Failure to take the necessary steps against these disadvantages may result in an inefficient education process. Well; How should online education be more efficient? Here are the tips you can use in the online education process:

Inform Your Child About The Continuation Of Education

Even adults' behavior can change when the order they are used to changes. When this is the case, it is quite normal for children to lose their motivation while attending homeschooling. Especially young children may have trouble understanding that education continues at home. In order to prevent this, you can talk to him/her, and explain that education should continue in this way due to the pandemic, and he/she will return to school when all this process is over.

Your Child Should Have a Special Area to Study

Do you think your child has difficulty studying? Then you should first examine whether your child has a suitable study environment. Because a properly created study room or work area is a factor that directly affects productivity. So, how to create a work environment for children?

  • For your child to study comfortably, a desk and a study chair are the primary needs. If there is no desk at home and your child has to study in an area such as a dining table, you can get support from helpers such as a back cushion to make the chair more comfortable.
  • Decoration suggestions also contribute to creating a suitable study environment. An area that is as minimally decorated as possible and free from distractions can be an ideal workspace.
  • Of course, the colors you choose in the room have a great effect.
  • In addition to the furniture and decoration applications needed to create an efficient study space for students, there is one more thing you should pay attention to: An untidy area can distract the child as well as the adults. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the area to study and the desk are always tidy, especially during the lesson.

You have created your child's study area correctly… Well, do you think this is enough for a productive study? No, unfortunately, there are other distractions besides the mess.

While your child is receiving online education or studying, you should avoid practices that may cause noise, such as running a vacuum cleaner at home. One of the most important rules to study efficiently is that the working environment should be quiet.

Not interrupting your child while studying is another point you should pay attention to. Asking questions or talking to your child about a topic while studying can cause distraction.

Help Your Child Establish a Routine. While your child was going to school, he would wake up at a certain time, have breakfast, and study at certain hours. This was your child's routine. However, the online education process may have caused this routine to change. By helping your child to create a new routine for the online education period, you can make this process healthier.

Determining the hours to wake up, have breakfast, and study can also help your child feel better psychologically. In addition, thanks to video applications, you can make your child study with their friends and prevent them from feeling lonely.

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