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Most Popular Decoration Trends in 2020 Summer

Most Popular Decoration Trends in 2020 Summer

Different trends are determined according to periods and seasons in creative areas such as fashion, graphic design, and even gastronomy. These trends, which are determined according to criteria such as human tastes, psychology, and environmental conditions, also differ in decoration and design. In summer, you may need some decoration changes in your home as well as the way you spend time at home. So what are the decoration trends that 2020 summer brings to us?

Organic Printing

Natural shapes and organic forms reflecting the summer can be used in many decoration products. The parts that you can reflect the summer months in the most prominent way will be organic prints on the textile. You can use flowers, leaf, animal silhouette graphics in many ways. For example, you can make a color balance at home by using this organic print on your furniture. Likewise, if you are happy with the furniture, you can choose your pillow and blanket in this way.

Earth Tones

The earth tones that allow you to create a calm and simple atmosphere are among the 2020 summer period decoration trends. At this point, you can create a relaxation area by using shades of earth colors such as brown and orange. You can design a balanced and calm environment with the heavily used earth colors in decoration.

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Scandinavian Spirit

Among the decoration trends of the 2020 summer period, minimal design takes an important place. While using calm pastel tones intensively, you can also benefit from the Scandinavian design approach that brings the line of minimal design to decoration. You can provide a more comfortable and spacious home use with this design understanding that creates a harmony in itself with its soft linear structure without touching the raw material structure of the wood.

Dark Wallpapers

The use of dark walls is one of the trends in these days when it is sunny to use the contrast of light and dark colors. You can reveal the dominant colors in your home with wallpapers that you can choose in many different colors and patterns in dark colors. For example, you can make the shiny chair in your room where you put a dark blue wall in the background even more prominent.

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Creative Mirrors

During this process we have been at home for a while, we have created our own studio for photoshoots. As it may have attracted attention on social media, creative mirrors with creative frames are among the decoration trends of summer. You can use your mirror more efficiently by placing it right in your living room, dressing room, next to your wardrobe, or in a beautifully lit location. You can also use it as a decoration product in your photos.

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Geometric Patterns

We have seen a lot of geometric patterns in home decoration this summer. Geometric patterns that you may encounter with many applications in rugs, carpets, curtains, or furniture can make a more fun difference than expected. You can also make a creative decoration at home by taking advantage of these patterns in detailed products.

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