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Modern Style in Decoration

Modern Style in Decoration

If you are looking for a simple and clear understanding in furniture, away from ornaments, Modern Style may be your style! This style, with its focus on simplicity and ergonomics, became widespread in the early 1950s. If you are in favor of a simple, comfortable and at the same time aesthetic decoration in your home, you can enjoy the simplicity by choosing the Modern Style...
Opt for straight-line furniture that combines different textures and surfaces.

Avoid using too many accessories. Your accessories should be as simple as your furniture. Avoid using very ornate, sequined, stony accessories.

Be careful to use a single color in your textile selection. If you prefer patterned fabrics, geometric patterns will be suitable for Modern Style.

In Modern Style, the use of materials can vary, as the lines in furniture designs are very clear and simple. For example, multiple materials and colors may be used together in the design of a sofa or coffee table.

Create specific focal points in your living spaces, both in the furniture and the general atmosphere. This can be a striking use of color in your furniture, or it can be a striking corner you create in a room.

For a spacious look in the areas you decorate in this style, you should use plenty of storage units and avoid clutter.


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