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MetaReal: The world's first real and virtual home

MetaReal: The world's first real and virtual home

While the repercussions of the Metaverse world and land sales in this virtual universe continue, this time we are faced with the MetaReal house!.. It is possible to say "MetaReal" instead of MetaReal, but let's immediately point out what makes this house different from all other houses: both in the Metaverse and in the virtual universe. exist in the real world and go on sale at the same time!

This house to be auctioned is the world's first "Metareal" house. Moreover, every room in this house will have a perfect counterpart in the metaverse.

What is MetaReal?

US-based luxury real estate consultancy ONE Sotheby's International Realty and Voxel Architects, which specializes in designing virtual spaces, came together, together with the contractor and NFT collector Gabe Sierra, introduced the world's first "Meta Real" (MetaReal) house.

Gabe Sierra, in an interview with Forbes magazine, describes the experience they want to create with these words:

“The home's counterpart in the metaverse will be an extension of the home in the real world, allowing the recipient to host in-home meetings, events and parties with guests from around the world.

We create an experience that blurs the lines between metadatabase and reality. Imagine fighting a dragon, crossing mountains, and finally arriving at your metaverse property, where you are greeted by friends who come to check out your new Bored Ape NFT. When you exit the metaverse after interacting in your virtual living room, you are sitting in a real-world version of the same house. This is exactly the experience we will create.”

What kind of home is MetaReal and where is it?

MetaReal is a large mansion-like house. It will be spread over an area of 11 thousand square meters. It will consist of 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms in total.

The virtual version to be created by Voxel Architects will have all of these features.

This magnificent house will be completed in the last quarter of 2022. Where? It will come to life on an acre of land in one of Miami's prestigious neighborhoods.

The NFT version will be located inside The Sandbox metaverse. This is a community driven platform where creators can monetize their voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain.

The person who buys the “virtual home” in The Sandbox metaverse will also own the property rights to the physical version in the real world.

MetaReal or MetaReal house price

The only known thing about MetaReal, which has already made its mark in history as the world's first house that will have a counterpart in the virtual universe, is that it will be put up for auction in the last months of this year. That is, the MetaReal price was not disclosed.

The private sales representative of the property will be Michael Martinez, an officer at ONE Sotheby's, who plans to process the transaction on the ethereum blockchain.

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