Maksimalism is The New Minimalism

Maksimalism is The New Minimalism

Are you tired of the minimal lifestyle that everyone talks about and tries to live with? Now, maximalism is the new minimalism.

The maximalist decorating is essentially based on a magnificent and assertive appearance.

Living in a simple line, as in the minimalism, and items with an ancient, large and unique structure rather than few items are preferred in the maximalist trend. Luminous chandeliers, wallpapers, antique items, mahogany tables…

First of all, maximalist decoration prefers the larger and more magnificent of each item. As much as possible simplicity in minimalist decoration, while small items are at the forefront, the maximalist decoration takes the stand out of the glamorous design elements.

Wallpapers are indispensable for living and working rooms decorated with a maximalist approach. Chopping tables, magnificent and bright chandeliers, velvet-covered furniture are the most outstanding details in the room.

In the maximalist decoration dominated by the classical lines, the ceilings must of course also be high. These high and wide walls are adorned with wallpapers that each resemble an artwork. Although patterned wallpaper is not preferred, large framed paintings are replaced by it.

Some interior designers describe this concept as the core of passion, strength and joy, and state that they are bored with long-standing minimalism, bohemian and farmhouse styles.

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