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How to Use a Mirror in Home Decoration?

How to Use a Mirror in Home Decoration?

Mirrors, which are one of the most important elements that make the spaces we live different and instantly change the air of the place where they are used, can be used outside the bathrooms, on the entrances, on the sideboard, dresser or console, on the dressing table in the bedrooms or as a completely decorative.

Living room

Usually enough light cannot be provided in the living room, which is the largest room in the house. You can double the light in the room with a mirror to be hung on the wall opposite the window. You can provide a little sparkle by covering your coffee table or side table completely with a mirror. You can create light games with mirrored wall lamps.


Attention should be paid to the place where the mirror will be placed in the bedroom. Full-length mirrors or multiple frameless mirrors provide a rich picture. If there is not enough space for a suitable wall to hang a mirror or a standing mirror, you can cover the doors of the wardrobes with a mirror.

Clothes room

Dressing rooms are very small and depressing spaces. However, by using a mirror, you can show even such areas larger. The wall on which the shelves lean can be covered with a mirror, giving the feeling of continuing the room. You can also use reflective glasses, which are semi-reflective surfaces, on the doors that separate your wardrobe from your bedroom. Reflecting almost as much as mirrors, these surfaces transmit light without showing the interior of your clothing room and allow daylight to enter your clothing room.


A group of mirrors placed side by side in the corridors will prevent the corridor from looking narrow and dark. When mirrors are used creatively, they add brand new dimensions to even narrow, shapeless and dim spaces. The key point for such narrow spaces is to place the mirror in a way that reproduces the beauty. You wouldn't want to duplicate the doors or columns in your corridor, would you?


Undoubtedly, mirrors are indispensable in bathrooms. There are also different solutions than hanging bathroom mirrors over the sink. You can enlarge a narrow and dark bathroom by completely covering one wall with a mirror. Since such a large reflective surface will reflect all the lights you will use in the space, your bathroom will have a brighter and more spacious appearance.

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