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How to clean your house in winter?

How to clean your house in winter?

Detailed cleaning before winter allows you to spend time comfortably at home in cold weather. So how is winter cleaning done? Let's briefly explain which areas cover the cleaning.

Winter cleaning is a comprehensive job, from heating to chimneys, from cellars to shop windows. Someone who wants to do winter cleaning at home should start with cleaning the heater. The filters of the heaters are cleaned, if they are in bad condition, they are replaced. All holes are broomed with a broom.If any, lime is cleaned. Likewise, chimney cleaning must be done before winter for both efficient heating and life safety. Wiping the showcases, both inside and out, is also within the scope of hygienic winter cleaning.

When it comes to how to do winter cleaning, there is actually a lot of detail. The cellar section, which is used only for receiving food products, needs to be overhauled before winter enters. Disposing of expired food, removing rotting or infested foodstuffs, and sweeping and cleaning the pantry are all useful initiatives for a clean winter. During this period, the wardrobes are overhauled, the summer clothes are washed and put on the shelves, the ones that cannot be worn in the winter are reserved to be given to the needy, the rest are folded and placed regularly. Over a period of time, excess items accumulate in the house.

These items are thrown away while winter cleaning. The unimportant ones of invoices, receipts and various documents are selected and separated, and the remaining ones are kept in a file. Kitchen cabinets are wiped inside and out, and all glasses, plates and other items inside are washed. The refrigerator is cleaned by unplugging it and put back in. White goods such as ovens and dishwashers are removed and their backs are cleaned.

Cleaning all electronic devices in the house is among the answers to the question of how to do winter cleaning. Those who say they want to do winter cleaning in the bottom corner should definitely wipe and clean the devices that are used frequently such as computers and tablets. Curtains are removed, washed and all windows are wiped.

The seats are wiped, the carpets are washed or given to the wash. The places that are swept to the last inaccessible place are cleaned with two or three waters. A healthy and hygienic entrance to winter can be made after detailed winter cleaning, as there is no item left in the house that is not cleaned.

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