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How to Apply the Scandinavian Decoration Style?

How to Apply the Scandinavian Decoration Style?

The philosophy of simplicity, which spreads to all areas of life today, has made Scandinavian-style houses more and more popular by reflecting on decoration. If you also want to redecorate your home or make touches to simplify, you can add peace and comfort to your living spaces by following the application tips on Scandinavian decoration in this article!

Inspired by Nature in the Use of Color

One of the best ways to reflect the simplicity and peace that forms the basis of Scandinavian decoration is the right use of color. These colors, which should be spread over every area of the room where it will be applied, from the furniture selection to the wall color, should consist of a color palette that includes natural and subtle tones.

For example, soothing and calming colors such as white, ice blue, light gray, powder pink, forest green, light ocher; It will be the most perfect choices for this decoration style. You can easily apply these colors, which harmonize with each other and therefore can be used at the same time, by establishing a link between the wall color and the furniture.

Break the Cold with Wood Products

Scandinavian-style homes with light colors and strong lighting are often thought to have a cool vibe. However, on the contrary, it is also important to provide a warm appearance, especially with furniture selections, in order to create a peaceful environment in this style.

Wooden products are among the most beautiful materials that can be used to break the cold atmosphere of Scandinavian decoration with their natural textures, useful structures and structures that reflect the energy of nature. You can also include options made of wood in the coffee table, lighting, dresser, mirror, table and similar accessories that you will use while decorating your home .

Use Plants in All Areas of Decoration

Plants, which add a healthy and natural atmosphere to the rooms while giving color to the living spaces, are also indispensable for the Scandinavian decoration style.

One of the tips you can follow is to place plants in every corner of the room, not in a single area of the room, in this decoration style where plants should definitely find a place as the representative of peace and naturalness. Thus, you can fill the whole room with the refreshing atmosphere of nature, and you will use green, one of the popular colors of the Scandinavian style, in a meaningful way.

Choose Light Colored Flooring

Just like the use of light colors in furniture, it will be an advantage for you to have light colors of flooring to create spacious and breathing living spaces.

The light-colored flooring, which will help to achieve a more peaceful and spacious look in the rooms by reflecting the daylight, will also complement your furniture, allowing you to have an ideal Scandinavian style home. Especially if you do not like to use rugs, carpets and similar accessories, or if you want to include them in your rooms with small models, light-colored flooring is one of the must-haves.

Choose Simple and Useful Furniture

One of the main features that forms the basis of the Scandinavian style house is that it has plain, useful and simple furniture. There is absolutely no place in Scandinavian decoration for furniture that creates confusion with its colors and patterns, is rough and requires control, and has large volumes.

Light furniture with portable use, modular pieces compatible with each other; One of the options you can use when decorating your home… The curtain and wall accessories you will use to support the furniture should also consist of soft and simple products that do not contain many colors.

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