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FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY on all brand-new products over £500!
How should you place your household items?

How should you place your household items?

Here are some good suggestions for those who move new homes and those who have problems with the placement of their homes.

Even if you are implementing some of them in your home, if you want to reconsider the layout of your home, there are many ideas here!

What will you usually use the room for?
First of all, plan what the room will be used for and how many people will use it. This will guide you on how many seats and what type of seating you need.

For example; corner sofa set may not be the appropriate solution for an area where you will host guests. If space is limited, you can schedule the session to bring comfortable dining chairs to your room.

Set the focal point of the room!
Identify the focal point of your room; this television, decorative fireplace, landscape, etc. it could be.

Arrange your items around this focal point. If your focus is on the television, the ideal distance from the chair to the television can be calculated by a very simple rule.

If your TV is 40 inches, the distance should be 3 times, 120 inches. This is an area of 3 meters in meters.

When placing furniture, start with the largest piece!
Place your largest piece of furniture first. It is your biggest sofa in the living room and like a bed in the bedroom.

No matter how large the space is, the seats should not be more than 2.5 meters apart to facilitate conversation.

Symmetrical item placement for serious living room decorations
You can use symmetrical installations in more quiet rooms. Asymmetrical placements create a more casual and casual look.

Pay attention to the traffic of the room
If your room is on a connecting road with other rooms, you should place your belongings in such a way that they do not interfere with the commute.

As in this picture, if you make a flow around the furniture group, not through it, you will get a much more comfortable space.

Keep in mind the ease of use!
Try to have a coffee table next to each sitting area. The center table should be at a distance of 35 to 45 cm from the seat for comfortable legroom and ease of access.

Make it your priority to be able to move comfortably!
In order to be able to move comfortably at home, it is useful to pay attention to a few things. In your dining room, if you have enough space between the table and the wall or the nearest furniture, a distance of 1.2 meters provides comfortable movement.

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