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How should you decorate your living room?

How should you decorate your living room?

The hall is the center of the house where special guests are hosted and pleasant conversations are made. When it comes to attentive, flashy, comfortable and eye-catching decoration, the first thing that comes to mind is the living room. For this reason, the area that receives the most sun and has a large area is chosen for the hall. In our country, at least 12-13 square meters are allocated for halls. Of course, there are halls much higher than these dimensions. For this reason, the hall is not an area to be decorated in an ordinary way.

There are points to be considered when designing the hall. In living room decoration, it is necessary to know many points from walls to floors, from furniture to accessories, from textures to colors and forms and to decorate in this context.

You should determine your style before proceeding with its decoration. Accordingly, you can decorate your living room in a lavish and sumptuous, minimalist or sophisticated or classic way. Apart from these, you can also apply many different styles and styles that will appeal to the eye and give you peace of mind. For example, you can apply eclectic style by blending many different styles such as Mediterranean style and rustic style, or you can apply only colonial style.

Another answer to the question of how to decorate the living room is not to use too many items and accessories, especially in narrow spaces. Living room decorations are open to innovations, so care should be taken when choosing extravagant items and accessories and very expensive luxury products.

Sofa Sets are among the most common furniture used in living room decoration. If you have a large living room, large-sized armchairs and armchairs will be the right choice for your living room. You can combine any color with the use of light-colored sofa sets during living room designs. Another advantage of using a light-colored sofa set in the living room is that it is open to innovation. For example, when you are bored, you can change the seat cushion colors and curtains to innovate in the living room decoration.

How to decorate the living room? Let's continue to give important information for those who say ...

The size of the sofa set you will use in the living room and the size of the coffee table should be the same. The difference between the height of the coffee table and the seat height will be enough to disrupt the balance of the decoration.

If the sofa set consists of patterned cushions, pattern application should also be included in the curtain or carpet.

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